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Gifts for Motorcyclists – My Ideas for the Best Gifts!

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Motorcyclists. Whether you are buying for a Weekend Warrior, Motorcycle Enthusiast, or Motorcycle Rider, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect idea on this page – or at least I hope you will find something that makes you think of a good idea! These ideas arrange from cheap to […]

Gifts for Watch Enthusiasts and Watch Collectors

Do you know someone who loves watches? Here are my favorite gift ideas for watch enthusiasts, watch collectors, and anyone who loves timepieces. These gifts may also be suitable for horologists and clock hobbyists. Whether you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift, or a present for some other occasion, I hope this page […]

Gifts for Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers – My Favorite Ideas!

Know someone who’s stocked up for the collapse of society and the end of the world? Maybe they’re psyched for the coming Zombie apocalypse or TEOTWAWKI. If a prepper is on your Christmas list this year (or maybe their birthday is coming up), here’s some cool gift ideas to get them. I tried to pick […]

Gifts for Mystery Lovers, Readers, and Fans

Know someone who enjoys a good mystery? I love mysteries! My favorite kind of TV show is a good mystery. I like reading mystery books and I love reading about true crime too. I like to get inside the mind of serial killers and sociopaths. Here are gifts that the mystery lover part of me […]

Gifts for Card Players

Here’s my favorite funny gifts for card players, including card playing accessories, playing cards themed jewelry, and more! ¬†Whether you are buying for a kid or an adult, or for someone who just plays card casually, or a serious card player, or a gambler, I hope you’ll find a great gift idea here! Gifts for […]

Gifts for Skydivers – My Favorite Ideas!

Do you know someone who loves to skydive? Here are my favorite gift ideas for people like him/her. These gifts include funny shirts, books for the new and experienced sky diver, DVDs, accessories, jewelry, home decor, and more. Some of these presents feature symbols that are associated with sky diving, such as parachutes or airplanes. […]

Gifts for Political Junkies and Political Science Majors

Are you shopping for a friend or family member who loves to talk politics? ¬†Political junkies can be hard to buy gifts for. There are plenty of ways to be politically offensive, but probably you want something funny or cute and not rude. Then there’s the problem of buying something mundane. You don’t want to […]

Gifts for Jeopardy Fans – My Favorite Ideas!

Do you know someone who watches Jeopardy religiously? Being one of those people (I even tape reruns!), I thought maybe I could give you some insight into gift ideas for Jeopardy lovers. Here are some unique gifts ideas for fans of Jeopardy.. Gift ideas include official merchandise, and stuff having to do with the Host […]

Gifts For Pool Players | Billiards Gift Ideas

Here is a list of my favorite gift ideas for pool players and those who enjoy billiards. Items include decor for the pool room, eight ball themed gifts, jewelry ideas, pool accessories, funny t-shirts, and more. I truly enjoyed creating this collection of gift ideas because I have fond memories of playing pool with my […]

Unique Gifts for Campers – Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults

Going camping was a fun family outing when I was a kid… As I write this article, I am remembering many nights spent sleeping in tents, days spent hiking or swimming, and evenings around a bon fire making smores. Here are the best gift ideas I’ve found for adults and kids who love to go […]