Aircraft Mechanic Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for an aircraft mechanic or plane technician? Here are some of my favorite ideas for plane mechanics. These include shirts, coffee mugs and merchandise with funny sayings, jewelry, tools, and other stuff for him or her. I’ve also included some general airplane themed gift ideas. I hope I am able to help you find the perfect gift!

If you know what their favorite plane is, then you might even be able to find a book or collectible that’s specifically related to that. If not, then something more general but unusual might be a safe bet for those that seem to have everything. Usually I try to not go mainstream when brainstorming gifts because you don’t want to buy something they already own or something really cliche. Aircraft mechanics may be interested in general mechanics (think “Popular Mechanics” magazine) or they might be really interested in the history of flying and enjoy vintage collectibles. Each person is quite different, but here are some starting points.

Cute! This Airplane Holds a Bottle of Wine – Unique Wine Caddy

For the mechanic who works on Jet planes and enjoys wine, or would love to have this clever sculpture to display 🙂 For best presentation, include a bottle of a specialty wine.

Unique Gift Idea: Boeing Airplane Propeller Spinner / Envelope Opener – Something special!

This is both an effective letter opener and a fun toy to show off!

Mechanic Belt Buckle for the Plane Mechanic – Solid Pewter with a 3D Design

This belt buckle features the word “Mechanic” and has a spark plug and wrenches embossed in 3D relief.

Unique Jewelry Idea: Ring shaped like a wrench!  Not a Ring for Just Anyone

Available in ring sizes 8 to 15. Just click the picture to read the reviews and select the ring size. This ring would be perfect for both women and men mechanics.

Men’s Wrench Bracelet – Solid Stainless Steel ~ Adjustable Length

Something styli for him!

Aircraft Instrument Coasters for Some Retro Home Decor

Wouldn’t these look great in the living room?

These would make a good conversational piece for your living room table.

Aircraft Mechanic Sweatshirt

How about something warm to wear? This hoodie is a great way to express how proud you are of them!

Advice on Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Aircraft Mechanic