Architect Gift Ideas – My Favorites!

Here’s a selection of the most interesting gifts I found for Architects. These would be ideal for any Architect involved in designing and planning building construction. These gifts would also be great for college graduates who are planning on becoming an Architect. These ideas include a tote bag, coffee mug, cufflinks, an Architect gadget, a men’s tie, and more. If you are an Architect, feel free to comment in the guestbook about the ideal gift for an Architect. It may help others figure out what to buy for graduation, birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Clever Paperweight – Crumpled up Blueprint – Great Desk Accessory! It’s always good to toss out some blueprints!

I do like this one… I always think some crumpled up paper is a good thing to have on your desk. It shows that you are working through your frustrations! This is made in the USA!

Most Unique Gift Idea: Architect Wine Holder – This metal sculpture holds one bottle of wine!

This would make a perfect gift for that Architect who already has all the gadgets and tools that he needs! This is for the man or woman who has everything! This is hand crafted in Germany out of recycled steel! This could make a great gift for graduation, retirement, birthday, Christmas, etc! Present this gift with a special bottle of wine – as the bottle “completes” the sculpture. A very nice decoration for the home or office!

Bosch Precision Laser Distance Measurer – This has SUPERB customer reviews!!

People love this pocket sized laser distance measure. It is easy to use and accurate! Of the many positive reviews, there is one specific comment about its use by an Architect. The review says, “Being an architect makes this product an extremely valuable and time saving tool.” ** Especially great gift idea for the new Architect! **

Men’s Neck Tie: House Blueprint – This was created from a real blueprint! I think this would be a stunning addition to a suit.

Great gift idea for a male architect who’s just starting out. I think this would help make a great presentation when appearing for interviews, attending important meetings with clients, etc.

Jewelry Gift Idea: Blueprint Cufflinks – Architecture Themed Gift Idea Who knew that they had architect themed cufflinks?

These would look great with a red or white shirt.

This book provides glimpses into the initial sketches that are done… Reviewers say that this book is fascinating!

Business Card Holder – This case will keep business cards flat!  If you’re going to give out business cards, then a business card case like this one helps the cards stay perfect looking!

Ultimate Gift for Fans of Mid Century Modern

Design Books and movies related to their career make good gift ideas.

Funny Gift Idea: “Architect Parking Only” – “Violators will be leveled.”  This is a great gag gift idea! Put this up in their garage, on their driveway, or at their favorite parking spot… and watch their surprised reaction when they see it! I’m sure this will make for a very memorable joke gift!

Funny Gift Idea: Coffee Mug – Architects aren’t crazy!  Mug for Coffe… Who doesn’t enjoy a special coffee mug that they can use at home or in the office? I have a few coffee mugs that are dear to my heart, and I’ve given coffee mugs on several occasions. They’ve always been well received.

 Unique Gift: Real Pen that’s Also a Caliper! – A Gadget Architects Might Enjoy

Because they can describe it better than I can, here’s the official product description: Scale Design retractable ballpoint pen Pen featuring famous “Scale” design by Shigeru Ban. Packaged in a magnetic case. Includes a small bio card providing biographical information about the artist/designer. Made of laser etched aluminum. Twist action mechanism. Developed by Acme Studio. Great gift for any design fan or pen collector!

MoMA Frank Lloyd Wright Picture Frame – Great Design! A picture frame by itself might make for an odd gift, so I’d suggest that you put a photo in this…. It could be a graduation photo, family photo, or maybe a photo related to their architecture experience.

Professionals often display photos in their office… This one would make for a great decoration piece!

More Gift Ideas Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright – He was a famous architect and interior designer!


Rain, rain, go away…. or if you are to stay….. an umbrella makes for a good gift for those who live in rainy climates like Seattle!

More Gift Ideas – Not sure what to get? Don’t give up!

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