Aviation Gift Ideas for Pilots


Great Aviation Gifts for All Kinds of Pilots

Here are my favorite aviation themed gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and any other celebration! These gift ideas are for all kinds of pilots – helicopter pilot, private pilot, airline pilot, Navy pilot, commercial pilot, etc. I’ve tried to think out of the box here, and suggest something other than your typical pilot gear. Log books are great, but you can’t give a log book as a gift every year. Headsets are awesome too (especially for a beginner pilot in training), but an experienced pilot probably already has his favorite pair. So, in my opinion, airplane pilot accessories are great sometimes, but here’s some unusual and unique gift ideas for when you want something different… something cool!

Unique Gift Idea for a Pilot who Enjoys Wine: Aviator Sculpture and Wine Bottle Holder. This unusual wine caddy holds just one bottle of wine. It’s actually sculptured out of recycled steel and copper. I think it’s beautiful and a real work of art. It is made in Germany. If you’re looking for something that they definitely don’t already have, this is it. This gift is best presented with a favorite bottle of wine!

Coasters that Look Like Plane Instrument Panels!  This is a great idea if you’re interested in aviation themed decor for the home.  These have a positive review from a person who bought them for her son, who is a MEDIVAC pilot.

Airplane Propeller Letter Opener – Great Desk Accessory… and Toy!

Not only can you open letters with this, but you can also play with it! It “spins forever”…… or, for a really long time. It’s a very appropriate gift for an aviation buff or Boeing fan… maybe for a pilot of a Boeing aircraft? This was actually manufactured by Boeing… It’s not some cheap knock-off.

Airplane Propeller Cufflinks

Funny Parking Sign for the Pilot – “Pilot Parking Only… Violators will be Grounded” Put this up in their garage, on their driveway, business parking spot, etc, for an awesome surprise gift idea! Watch their reaction when they see this sign! I think it might make them laugh… or smile big! This is a large metal novelty parking sign, designed to last a long time. And surprisingly, it was made in the USA!

Beautiful Airplane Tie Tack – Great Gift Idea for the Commercial Airline Pilot

Home Weather Station – Gift for Pilots who Love Watching the Weather!

I’ve read that pilots are obsessed with weather. I’m not sure all pilots are. However, private pilots, recreational pilots, and all those who fly, probably do check the whether often because it’s not safe to fly when it’s stormy. This weather station shows the current conditions, including the barometer reading, temperature, wind speed and direction. I have a weather station that’s similar, and I check it all of the time! It’s often the first thing I check in the morning, before email. It’s really awesome. I’m sure you can get a feel for whether this would make a great gift for that pilot in your life, or not.

Cool Aviator Watch with Flight Computer

Great Gift Idea for the Watch Enthusiast!  This watch not only tells time, but has a slide rule function that allows pilots to solve problems of speed, distance, and time!

A New Flight Bag – Every pilot needs a flight bag, and it’s helpful to have more than one!

A new flight bag is a great gift idea if you want to give the pilot some gear. It’s likely that their current flight bag is getting worn out, isn’t big enough, or that they’d like to have an alternate to switch between. This one was designed by pilots and is quite well thought out. It has enough room to hold their headset, and lots more!

How about a new headset?   This headset has great reviews. It is comfortable and has clear sound. Aviation headsets are always getting better, and there are so many to choose from, that a set of these especially well-loved ones is a gift that will surely be enjoyed. Getting an extra headset for Christmas? Now that’s a useful gift.


More Pilot Gear – Ideas for new pilots, who may not already have this stuff! Here’s a selection of stuff for the beginner pilot, student pilot, or pilot in training!