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Cosmetology School Graduation Gift Ideas

Know someone graduating from beauty school? Wonder what you should buy them for a graduation gift idea?

On this page, you will find some good gift ideas for people who are graduating from beauty school (also known as cosmetology school). These gifts are a great way to give congratulations for this important achievement. I’ve included ideas for books, accessories, and equipment that they may find useful in their new career as a hair stylist, hairdresser, or beautician. Also, you’ll find some funny gifts and cute jewelry gifts and clothing!

How about a book about something they may not have covered in cosmetology school?

This book is well-loved, so I recommend it as the perfect gift with much confidence! It’s not a run-of-the-mill coffee table book, but rather a book with detailed instructions for designing hair like they did in the 1930s-1960s… Definitely an ideal book for the hairdresser! Knowing how to make these retro hair styles could really create a loyal customer base!

A great jewelry gift idea for her!   This is one of the most popular gift ideas for hair dressers!

Beautiful scissor earrings!

Work Apparel: Hairdresser Apron with Pockets.  This gift idea is both practical and decorative!

This has great reviews! She’ll appreciate a new apron for the start of her career.

Very Nice Coffee Mug – “Hair Stylists… Bring Out the Beauty in Everyone”

I love the positive message on this coffee mug!

Professional Equipment Makes a Great Gift!

Their equipment from beauty school may be student level, and now that they’re going to be a professional, they may find that they need better tools like scissors, blow dryer, flat iron, and more. Even if their current equipment works well, it doesn’t hurt to have some back-up supplies of higher quality. It might take them awhile before they’re making enough money that they can afford to invest in good equipment, so anything you can help them with will probably be appreciated.

I tried to find the best professional equipment for the lowest price. Here’s a few items that got great reviews.


These should last a long time!

Wow! There are 900 reviews. What’s the buzz all about? Apparently this is one powerful hair dryer that dries hair really fast. And it’s relatively inexpensive too.

A rolling storage kit like this one is ideal for working in a beauty salon. Often hair stylists rent chairs in beauty salons and they have to leave their equipment overnight. This keeps it all together and the locks will keep it safe.

If your recent graduate decides to do photo shoots or hair on location, then this specialized rolling kit will also work for that!

This will sure make them laugh! Put this up at their parking spot, or maybe in their garage or on their driveway, for a real surprise! This makes a great congratulations gift… A great way to celebrate graduating from beauty school!

I was impressed with the amount of ideas I came across when writing this article. There’s a lot of things here that will help a recent beauty school graduate get off to the right start. Do you have an idea that I haven’t thought of?