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Best Christmas Gifts for Diabetics – My Favorite Ideas!

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!IMG_1000-linnea-small_edited-2-square

Aside from sweets and foods high in carbohydrates, you can really buy a diabetic anything you would buy a non-diabetic. However, if you are buying a gift for a loved one who has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes, you might want to give them something special to show your support and encouragement. Afterall, lifestyle and diet changes can make a big impact on their condition.

I write this gift guide as someone who has to cope with diabetes every day. For several years, I have been helping my mother-in-law with her diabetes. I went to diabetes education classes with her and learned all about the correct diet and medication. Then to my total surprise, I got diagnosed with diabetes this year. I am still working on getting my blood sugar under control, and as the holidays are approaching, I have been re-thinking what kind of gifts would be great to receive.

Of course mostly I just want things that everyone else wants, like good health for my family and friends, but if I received some things that showed their awareness of my new medical condition, that would also be welcomed, of course. It’s nice to know that I’m being thought about and the last thing I need is candy or cookies I can’t eat 🙁

Here are my suggestions for the best Christmas presents for Diabetics!

I highly recommend this fruit & cheese gift basket Golden State Fruit Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket So many gift baskets are full of candy and sweets…. The holidays are a tempting time of the year. If you enjoy giving food for Christmas, then a gift basket like this one is an easy way. It will look great and won’t be one more thing that they have to resist eating!

Yummy Sausages and Cheese – Another Food Gift Idea

This food gift box has no carbs! Just meats and cheese that they can enjoy without worry.

More Healthy Food Gifts – For Coffee and Tea Lovers

If they enjoy tea, a gift boxed assortment like this one is a good idea. This holiday set has quite a variety, including green tea, black tea, and herbal tea. If you know what their tastes are – some people prefer only black tea, others only herbal or decaf – then you can probably find a tea selection more tailored to them, or you could get a nice basket and buy a half dozen boxed teas at the store just for them. Whether you make your own gift basket or buy an already made tea gift, they’ll probably love it! Tea is a “free” food on the diabetic diet – they can drink as much as they want without any worries.

Gift for the Coffee Lover

This is actually something on my wish list! You can taste coffees from around the world! From Africa to Costa Rica – you get to taste pure coffee from each local. Fascinating for people who love coffee and geography such as myself.

Helpful & Practical Gift Ideas for Diabetics

Slippers Designed for People with Diabetes – a warm and comfy gift

It’s recommended that people with diabetes take good care of their feet. Going barefoot is not advisable because they may get a sore that they’re unaware of, and it can become infected. Diabetics may have less sensory awareness and may not feel a cut or sore. High quality slippers are so enjoyable to wear. Getting a pair of slippers that fits just right is important. This style is ideal for people who have swelling in their feet (edema) or generally have large or wide feet.

There are lots of socks for diabetics, but these really shine. They have great reviews. They are specifically designed for people with circulartory problems, diabetes, edema, and neuropathy.

Bestselling Diabetes Cookbook – A new cookbook is always lots of fun!

Diabetes Organizer – Wallet Style Bag for Diabetic Supplies – Includes Insulin Tray and Freezer Pack

 This case, with the included cold pack, will keep the insulin at the right temperature. It’s a great gift for someone who needs to travel with their diabetic supplies. Not everyone with diabetes requires insulin shots, but this is a good idea for those who do.

Unique Pill Box for Carrying in Your Purse

Going out to dinner? Remember to bring your medicine with. I usually use a ziploc bag but it’s not pretty. This pill organizer has a loud alarm and a flashing light. It’s sure to put a stop to forgetting!

An Adorable Pill Box! There are sure some fashionable and funny pill boxes for your purse! Many medications have specific instructions about taking with meals or at a certain time, so it’s helpful to always have a dose on you.

There’s actually lots of cute pill boxes!

 This will alert medical staff that the person has diabetes and could be suffering from low blood sugar or insulin shock. The faster they know, the faster they can get the necessary treatment.

If you buy a diabetic necklace or bracelet, make sure that the information on it is medically correct.  Some of them specify Type I or Type II.

Buy a Set of Small Juice Glasses – encourage drinking smaller amounts of juice with these glasses  These come in a variety of sizes. The 4 or 5 ounce glasses would be ideal for diabetics, since 4 ounces of a typical juice equals about one carbohydrate serving.

Stocking Stuffers for Diabetics

Small treats that are a big deal!

Keep track of how much you walk! An easy way to get fit!

Exercise is good for lowering blood sugar This is a great gadget for monitoring their pulse. Most diabetic health plans include regular exercise.

A Good Stocking Stuffer!  Did you know that dry skin is a symptom of diabetes?

Introduce them to Pilates for Better Health – Build strength and flexibility, even lose weight!  Great DVD for beginners.

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