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Best Gag Gifts for 50th Birthday – My Favorites!

Funny Gag Gifts for 50 Year Olds!

Are you shopping for the best birthday gift for a 50 year old? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are my favorite gag gifts. These are so funny that they’ve had me laughing, just looking at them and imagining giving them as gifts!

“Over the hill” and gifts for old farts… Funny gifts having to do with being old! When it’s all about your bodily functions and the lovin’ you aren’t having.

Sex after 50 is nonexistent, and this book proves it!

When they receive this gift, they will open it up, expecting to find some tips… But there won’t be any because they won’t be getting any!

Among other things, this one says:

“If found wandering please return me to:

Over the hill home for the aged

100 Year Old Street, Geezerville”

Read the customer reviews – people love this!

 Help! I’ve Lost my Keys, again! – Funny gift that could be serious 🙂

There are lots of reviews on this neat gadget. People have used this to find their keys, cell phone, remote control, and even their cat!

Great gag gift to support the idea that their memory is going bad!

Funny T-Shirt, especially for the boomer who’s into politics!

 Joke Book for 50 Year Olds! – Funny Gift Idea for Him

Just a sampling:

You know you’re 50 when —

on your second honeymoon, you tip the bellhop to carry her across the threshold.

you wonder how Mick Jagger stays so thin.

you drop off your dry cleaning at the post office.

‘performance anxiety’ refers to golf.

your children earn salaries, not allowances.

at last it’s okay to sleep late, but you can’t.

Florida starts looking good.

Huge Remote Control makes a Useful & Funny Gift

I’ve actually used this one. It’s sure hard to lose!

Really big remote control with big buttons. It’s universal and can be programmed to work with your TV. You can’t easily lose it in the couch!

Turning 50 means you need a new ear, new teeth, and a new brain! Well, here they are 🙂

It’s sure nice that they make replacement parts, isn’t it? 🙂

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