Best Gag Gifts for 60th Birthday

Turning 60 years old is an important milestone that is best celebrated with some humour! Here are gag gifts for men and women who are turning 60. They celebrate ideas like “senior moments,” being a “senior citizen,” being really “over the hill,” and other things having to do with getting old!

Here are the funniest ones!

This book is blank inside!

They might think they’re getting yet another advice book when they see the cover of this book. But once they look inside, they will sure have a big laugh!

I’d normally feel quite sheepish buying a book with this title. But to see their face when they open it while family and friends are watching…. That would be fun!

Inflatable Walker with Funny Sayings – For Those REALLY Over the Hill!

This has many positive reviews. It’s a great laugh!

Among other things, this one says:

“If found wandering please return me to:

Over the hill home for the aged

100 Year Old Street, Geezerville”

Bullshit Button is a Fun Gag Gift! – This has over 50 Reviews, and is rated at nearly 5 Stars!

Everyone loves this gag gift! Not just a funny gift for those turning 60, but a funny gift for almost any adult!

Maybe they need a new brain or a new ear?

These replacement body parts are a very fun gag gift for someone turning 60!

I think I might put this gift on their vehicle and let them ‘discover’ it!

This senior citizen themed gag gift is perfect for celebrating a 60th birthday!

Gift idea for the aging golfer, or any man for their 60th birthday!

This will help them to remember one of the benefits of being old!

Around here, being old gets you 10% off at Goodwill on Tuesdays.

Another benefit of turning 60!

There really is a good side. Think about the seniors menu, it’s always cheaper and usually just as delicious. You can get discounts at many museums and stores too.

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You can get lots of matching party supplies, including balloons, napkins, cake decorations, banners, a tiara and more. Most of them have the same matching green, purple, and black colors.