Best Gift Ideas for Geocachers

Funny & Practical Gifts for Geocachers Are you buying a gift for someone who loves to go Geocaching? If so, you’re at the right place. I’ve been researching the best gifts for geocachers lately, and here are my favorite ideas. Some of these I might use for birthdays or buying ahead for Christmas time.

I hope this page will help you find the perfect gift for that special geocacher. Check out these funny t-shirts, GPS gadgets, geocoins, travel bugs, hiking related items, and other geo stuff…. Geoswag is fun!

Geocaching T-Shirt – Available in many colors and sizes, this Geocaching themed shirt has a saying that will hit home with many. It has great reviews from fellow Geocachers!

Geocaching Hoodie.  High quality and warm! Great for those cold Winter days.

A Funny Coffee Mug.  For those who love the irony of it all! This says, “I use multi-million dollar satellites… To hunt for tupperware in the woods.”

Cute Compass Cufflinks for Geocachers who have to Dress up for Work! – Great Jewelry Gift for Him.  These compasses actually work! And they look nice, too. Great geocaching themed gift. This is something unique that they probably don’t already have. They will make a great conversation piece.

Secret Decoder Ring – For Solving Mystery Caches This is a must-have tool of the trade!

Great gadget for solving mystery or puzzle caches that require you to decode a clue using alphabet shift (Caesar Cipher). The die hard geocacher will be thrilled to get this!

Murder Mystery Novel about Geocaching – This is one read they’ll have to tell their friends about!  This is written by a Geocacher… Definitely a must read for someone who enjoys mysteries.

Hiking Pole – Also works great for poking around! – Whether the cache is under some leaves or up in a tree, this thing really helps you to search faster!  A hiking pole is not just something to lean on when hiking. It is something to aid you in exploration.

Travelbugs add an extra dimension to geocaching! – You can follow where these travel bugs go!  Sure, the fun in geocaching is finding the treasure (cache), but also it’s fun to hear about who found the cache you hid! If you put a travel bug in it, you can also keep track of what happened to your trade. Unlike regular trades, travel bugs are not meant to be kept. They are supposed to be hidden in the next cache. If your luck goes well, you can track a travelbug travel around the globe! They each have a unique number for easy identification.

Stay Safe – Don’t let them slip on ice! – Ice is a danger for both Urban and Rural Geocaching Black ice is impossible to see… and Geocaching really shouldn’t be a dangerous hobby 🙂 Have you ever gone outside for a walk but returned quickly when you came across ice? I sure have… and that’s when I said, “Oh yeah, now I know why I should have bought those cleats!”

These fit on the bottom of shoes and will prevent slipping on ice. Black ice can’t be seen, and even the more careful people can slip on it. This is a nice practical gift for someone who lives in an area with a cold climate. Some places, like where I live, don’t get much snow, but ice is a continual hazard during the winter months.

Geocaching in the Winter Time – Gift idea for Christmas, perhaps? – Snowshoes make walking on TOP of snow a breeze!  Don’t let the snow hold them back! Buy a pair of snowshoes. It’ll show your support for their desire for year-round adventure. These are especially helpful in areas that get a lot of snow. You can’t easily wade though a foot a snow without them.

Log Book for Geocachers – With tables to help you keep track!  Some avid Geocachers have located hundreds or even thousands of caches. How many have you found? What was in them? Keep track of everything in this log book. Great gift idea for a child or adult geocacher.

Official Geocache Gear – Micro Cache – These are tiny, and in camo, so they make the game harder!  There are lots of geocache tubes or containers to choose from on Amazon, but this is my best recommendation. It has great reviews, and is waterproof. It’s tiny, and works great for urban areas. Any geocache fan will enjoy having some of these to hide!! People will be begging for more hints.

Best Handheld GPS Tracker – Don’t use up your Cellphone Battery Life! – Sure, phones can do GPS, but this is better!  If you use your phone to do GPS, you’ll run down your battery. If you’re out in the woods, with no place to charge it, that becomes a problem. So it’s often not practical to use a cellphone for continual GPS navigation. Instead, I recommend using a GPS handheld unit like this Garmin one. It’s easy to use (took me all of 10 minutes to figure out!), and it’s very accurate. You can make waypoints, so you can easily find your way back. It’ll make geocaching easier, and it’ll stop you from getting lost! GPS is really amazing technology, I think, and I highly recommend this unit! It’s lightweight and waterproof, too!

More Ideas for Geocaching Gifts