Best Gift Ideas for Geologists & Rockhounds

What to buy a geologist?  It’s an intriguing question. You probably want something unique, useful, funny, and memorable… And not something they already own, right?

Well, here are my favorite gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, or any other occasion. These gifts would be ideal for geologists, geophysicists, rockhounds, geology teachers, earth science teachers and for anyone else who’s interesting geology, plate tectonics, volcanoes, minerals, and similar earthly creations!

I’m not a geologist myself, but I have a strong interest in volcanoes and earthquakes.

Unique Pink Agate Bookends – Geologists probably have lots of books… so this would make a great gift!  My best friend gave me an agate when I was in middle school. It was beautiful and aww-inspiring. I don’t know what happened to it but I wish I still had it. Take a look at these agates turned into bookends! I just think they are so pretty.

These bookends are made of real agate found in rocks! This set has been dyed pink and polished.

Bookends are decorative, but also useful… They’d look great at home or work, in a classroom, or on any shelf!

Beautiful Hammer Holder for their Belt – High Quality Leather This looks like a useful gift idea for the hobbyist or professional. This make it easy to carry your hammer with you.

A hammer is a must-have tool for the geologists. They use it to break open rocks to determine its composition and much more. Here’s an easy way to carry it while out exploring.

A great gift for Christmas, or in the months right before/after the New Year!  For people who love volcanoes!  Ideal gift for the rock hound! Volcanoes spew lava which turns into rock!

Stunning Fulgurite Necklace – Very Special Jewelry Idea! This is supposed to bring good luck.

This Fulgurite was naturally made when lightning struck sand. When this happens, the lightening melts the sand and hollow glass tubes form in a process that takes about a second. It’s a really amazing geologic process, and now you can buy a beautiful pendant featuring the Fulgurite.

They really can wear fossils every day!

Comes in many sizes and colors.

Rock Set for the Beginning Geologist – Learn identification and classification of rocks and minerals.  This educational set is great for kids or anyone else just beginning the study of rocks. There are many positive reviews from parents who gave it to their interested child as well as from rockhounds themselves.

Tools for Mineral Identification – Perfect for Serious Amateurs and Students.  This is a high quality set that will be appreciated by the serious rockhound.

Handheld USB Microscope – Great Gadget for Examining Specimens! This is a great learning tool for students and I’m sure adults will enjoy the discoveries they can make with it too!

This is not only a microscope that connect to the computer, and displays the enlarged image on the screen, but it can also take pictures or video. I think it’s a must-have tool for any scientist.

Coffee Mugs for Geologists – Featuring real photos of volcanoes and more! I think a geology teacher would love to have one of these mugs on his or her desk…. And a geologist who enjoys coffee would probably like sipping from one of these mugs in the morning.


Magazine for Rockhounds and Geologists – A Magazine Subscription makes a Great Gift!  Does your geologist love rocks and minerals? Then this magazine should be interesting to them!

Trilobite Fossils Pen Holder – Great Desk Accessory Gift Idea! This makes a good end-of-year gift idea for a geology or earth science teacher.

 This is made of solid mahogany wood and tile that has a picture of fossils on it.

More Ideas about what Geologists might like…