Best Gift Ideas for Journalists

Here are some funny and practical gifts for the journalist, newspaper writer, or TV news reporter. These would make great gifts for any occasion – thank you gift, congratulations gift, birthday, Christmas, etc.

Of course, there are all kinds of journalists, so these may not be perfect for everyone. Some of these ideas are writer themed… Isn’t it all about writing still? But it is also about history. Maybe you’ve heard Geoffrey C. Ward’s famously quote, “Journalism is merely history’s first draft.”

If the journalist you are thinking of is on the road a lot, then you could consider travel related gifts too.

Unique Gift: Crime Scene Scarf – Great Gift Idea for the Investigative Journalist!  Novelty clothing item Warm, snuggly and soft – both a fashion statement and a practical gift for cold climates. One reviewer says that they always get compliments and questions about where they bought it. If you buy this one, you can be pretty sure that your gift will stand out and be remembered!

Keep Calm and Write On Shirt

The Pen that will Write in the Rain! – Even high tech journalists often scribble notes!  This pen will write anywhere. In the rain, underwater, upside-down, in space, etc. Great gift idea for any journalist or writer. Sure, it’s a bit of a novelty…. but I know that I get tired of pens that won’t write unless they’ve been stored right side up! Sometimes you need a pen to work right every time. This is that pen.

Newspaper Themed Laptop Bag – For the Newspaper Journalist

YOUR INITIALS – Luggage Tags – Easy Way to Recognize Suitcase at Baggage Claim!  Gift idea for the journalist for travels often! These are strong leather tags. You choose which initial(s) you want!

Funny Gift Idea for the Journalist turned Editor….. – Lots of Office Fun with this stamp!

Fountain Pen Cufflinks – Great Gift for a Writer! – Very nice accessory… Fashionable & Classy!  They say excellence is in the details. These cufflinks are sure to be noticed and he or she will probably receive compliments. I think they look great, and probably are even nicer in person.

Unique Tripod for the Journalist who likes to take pictures or video! – This tripod can be set up anywhere – on rocky terrain, fences, etc…  This is actually on my personal wish list. I’ve read so many rave reviews. It’s an ideal gift for the journalist who takes video or photographs. Sometimes you just don’t have a flat surface to set up a traditional tripod. That’s when this comes in hand. You can put it anywhere, which allows you to get the best photos! This one is for a digital SLR, but there are other ones on Amazon for different kinds of cameras.

GPS Navigation for their Car! – If they don’t have GPS already, it will be a gift that’s much appreciated!  I’ve resisted buying a GPS unit, but finally I’ve realized that my phone just can’t do it. My phone requires good cell phone reception and has to download the maps on the go. My phone reception has either disappeared or the data has gotten sluggish too many times. I’ve finally realized that I can not depend on it. That’s why I need a Garmin GPS. A Garmin GPS can give you directions to anywhere, and it can help you avoid construction and get out of tough situations…. Don’t get stuck in a bad section of town because of a wrong turn!

Coffee …. the Drug of Choice for many Journalists – Many swear by French Press, and this is a great, easy on the go way to enjoy Coffee! This French Press is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys coffee or tea. Easy to use and travel with.

Or, on a lighter note… If coffee really is their thing, this is a funny gift idea! It says, “Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.”

The New York Times:The Complete Front Pages 1851-2009 – Beautiful Coffee Table Book + DVDs!  For the newspaper writer or journalist interested in history, this is an amazing collection.

Homemade Gift Ideas – Bake cookies in the shape of letters! – Spell out journalism themed words or their name in cookies!  Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the ones that cost the most, but are the ones that are homemade and unique. If you have kids, have them help you bake and decorate cookies… I’m sure you can come up with some creative ideas for words to spell and how to present this gift!