Best Gift Ideas for Physicists & Physics Teachers

Great Gift Ideas for People who Love Physics!

Here are interesting, unique, and sometimes funny gift ideas for physics teachers and physicists of all kinds! If you are looking for a gift for a scientist who loves physics, I’m sure you’ll get an idea from this page.

Physics is about what makes our universe tick, and people who love studying physics are usually the inquisitive type. Whether they study astrophysics or quantum mechanics, they’re sure smart people who will enjoy a thoughtful gift. A hand picked gift is a great way to express your feelings for them. Award winning physicist Richard P. Feynman famously said, “Physics isn’t the most important thing. Love is.”

I find myself buying a lot of gifts online because it’s easy! I enjoy finding gifts that are related to an occupation or passion, and hope that this gift guide makes your search easier. I like to buy birthday and Christmas gifts that are memorable! Here are a few finds that a physics teacher or student might enjoy.

Astronomy Themed 2015 Wall Calendar – Featuring Hubble’s Photos of Outer Space. Hubble is a space telescope that orbits around the Earth, and takes pictures without the interference of our atmosphere. Pretty amazing photos – and here’s a way to enjoy them all year.

Magnetic Putty – A Strange Material – and a Great Desk Toy

This is an intriguing toy for all ages! It has odd properties – it is both malleable and fragile. It will “eat” metallic items and shatter upon impact.

Schrodinger’s Cat is a real scientific concept. Yes, the cat can be both alive and dead. This shirt is sure to catch the eye of cat people and science people.

Periodic Table Playing Cards – It’s all elemental!  Great gift for kids and adults! This gift will be especially appreciated by those who like to play card games!

Great idea for men who wear ties.  This is one tie he’ll probably get lots of compliments about!

Albert Einstein Scientist T-Shirt – Perhaps the most famous Physicist of all time!

Fluorescent Colored Atom Designed Coffee Mug – This is one wild atom! Coffee mugs are a simple but usually appreciated gift, and I think this is a pretty cool mug! A coffee mug always makes a great gift because it allows for some creativity… You could include candy, money, gift card(s), or special blends of coffee in it!

Homemade Cookies are a Yummy Gift Idea! – Make them shaped like atoms, beakers, flasks, and test tubes!

Great Gift Idea for the Coffee Lover!   This beaker style coffee mug features the molecular design of caffeine.