Best Gift Ideas for Someone with Low Vision (and The Blind)

Great Gift Ideas for People with Low Vision, Poor Vision, or Blindness

On this page, you will find my favorite gift ideas for those who have trouble seeing, including those with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and those who are legally blind. Many of these gift ideas are low vision aids that have jumbo printing, large buttons, and/or they are talking products. These are great gift ideas for Christmas or any time of the year.

Jumbo LED Clock & Calendar for the Wall or Table Top – Easy to read large digital clock!

This clock can be a wall clock or a table top clock. Perhaps the best thing about this clock is that it displays the day of the week, as well as the date and the time. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what day it is.

Best Electronic Magnifier for the Price – Easy to set-up, and has many positive reviews!  This is a very interesting and helpful device for people with trouble seeing! You just hook this up to the TV, and then you can use this mouse-like device to display the text on the TV. The bigger the TV, the bigger the enlargement!

This is great for reading newspapers, magazines, books, and even for reading instructions on TV dinners! This has MANY positive customer reviews. It’s not perfect, but it works better than a handheld magnifier, and it’s easy to set-up. If you have an extra TV that you aren’t using, just plug it into that!

Talking Watch – Great Gift Idea! – Press the button to hear the time!

Great gift idea for anyone who is sight impaired!

Talking Clock for your Keychain – Any time you have your keys, you have the time!   One reviewer says that they removed the keychain ring part and put it on a necklace instead.

Jumbo Cell Phone – Great Low Vision Aid – Easy to use, for those who have trouble seeing

This cell phone has big buttons and an SOS button that can be programmed to call emergency phone numbers, including 911 and family members. The reviews indicate that this is a well-designed low vision product, ideal for those who have trouble seeing, and also great for the elderly. It also has a built in FM radio and flashlight.

Jumbo Print Playing Cards – Great Gift Idea for People who Love to Play Cards!  I grew up playing cards with my family and my grandparents. We’d play gin, solitaire, and rummy. It’s a great way to have fun! You don’t have to give up card playing because of vision problems. Instead, get bigger cards!

Talking King James Bible – Easy to use! No small print!

This is a great gift idea for someone who loves to read the bible, but may not be able to because of vision impairment. This has a minimal number of buttons which should be easy to learn how to use. You can select the book and chapter, and scroll to your favorite passages.

Kindle eBook Reader – Now every book in their library can be large print!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the books you want to read in large print. If you have a kindle, you can adjust the text size so that every book can be in large print. This Kindle has a touch screen and 8 different text sizes to choose from!

Jumbo Sized Kitchen Timer – Extra Big, Loud Beep Sound

This is a BIG kitchen timer. It’s about twice the size of an iPhone. It has big easy to use buttons and a loud beeping sound.

Easy to See Computer Keyboard – Great Computer Accessory for Low Vision Keys.  No more squinting at the keyboard!

An Every Day Must Have

Great calendar for keeping track of appointments!

Outdoor Heated Mat for the Walkway

Whether you have good vision or bad vision, seeing black ice can be impossible! If you live in a cold climate, this might make a great gift. It will continuously melt ice and snow. You can put HeatTrak mats in front of the door, on a walkway, on steps, etc… Make a safe pathway from the door to the mailbox, or from the door to the car.

Talking Food Thermometer – Reads the temperature in about 5 seconds!

I have one like this, but mine doesn’t talk. The temperature is small and hard to read. This one reads the temperature out loud! This is a great idea for food safety…. I use mine all of the time. It’s great for checking the temperature of meats.

Jumbo Talking Calculator – Numbers are easy to read.  This calculator will read aloud the result to you, and you can even have it repeat it. Great for balancing the checkbook, doing bills, etc.

Talking Digital Thermometer – Great Low Vision Healthcare Aid.

It’s helpful to be able to check your temperature, or to check someone else’s temperature, to see if they have a fever.

The Clapper – Turn Lights On and Off the Easy Way

This looks like a fun and useful gift idea!