Best Gift Ideas for the OB GYN Doctor

Thank you and Holiday Gift Ideas for OB/GYN Doctors

A thank you card with a baby photo or family photo is probably the most common gift idea for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thank you Gift, etc. A gift card to a restaurant or store is also a popular idea.

Maybe you are looking for something unique? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent this evening searching Amazon for the best gift ideas for OB/GYN Doctors. I hope you get a good idea here! Many of these gifts would also be appropriate for nurses, midwives, hospital staff, and anyone else who helped you with your pregnancy or delivery.

Sleeping Baby in Angel Wings with Religious Quote – Adorable Gift Idea  This sweet angel has positive customer reviews.

Perfect Calendar for an OB/GYN Office.  Anne Geddes is a famous baby photographer. This calendar features “under the sea” babies and is a fine art calendar. She combines cute baby faces with the magical nature found in our oceans. Beautiful!

A Photo of your Precious Baby – Cute Pewter Photo Frame for Newborn Baby’s Picture.  Your baby’s photo will make everyone in the doctor’s office smile!

Medical Themed Desk Clock – Nice Desk Accessory.  Say “Thank you” or “Happy Holidays” with this desk clock featuring a caduceus.

Doctor Stethoscope Cufflinks – Something Special they can Wear.  These look classy and are likely to be appreciated by both Men and Women.

Necklace – Beautiful Jewelry for Her.  This adorable necklace features a Blue Agate Mother and Baby Cameo Pendant. While many female OB/GYNs would probably treasure this, it would also make a great gift for a midwife, mother, nurse, etc.

Thank you Gift Basket – This is a popular gift idea and well-loved basket!  Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the perfect gift basket. This one has lots of positive reviews and looks absolutely delicious to me.

Sleeping Angel Wall Clock Resin Wall Hanging Clock Encircled By Angel’s Feather Wings with Sleeping Angel Babies are angels. Isn’t this so sweet?

Books Make Great Gifts – Books with inspiring & interesting stories

Based on true stories from delivery rooms and labor decks, Catching Babies spins the doctors’ stories into a gripping mosaic of the obsessions, the anxieties, and the heroism of doctors who have chosen to preside over life’s greatest medical drama-high-risk childbirth.

Dr. Grody shares true stories…. We learn about: The patient who was bitten in the “lettuce” by a cat; The patient who called her gynecologist when her married lover died in bed; The patient whose cesarean section was performed under local anesthesia; The patient who lost her “marbles;” The patient whose tumor had a heartbeat; The patient whose “mum” died; and The patient with two vaginas – one for procreation and the other for recreation; among many other gripping, true stories of medical heroics and a physician’s devotion to his patients.



Anne Geddes Books Feature Babies – Interesting book for a doctor who delivers! This has such beautiful photography.

GIFT IDEA: Bake Homemade Cookies – Use these cookie cutters to make cookies shaped like: bottle, rattle, carriage, duck and block.  If you have the time, homemade cookies are a great gift idea! This cookie cutter set even has an illustration to show you how you could decorate them!

Custom Thank you Cards – Order these personalized with baby’s photo!  All text and layout can be customized! After ordering on Amazon, the seller will contact you with the personalized text and photo. This comes as a set of 20, so not only can you use these cards to thank your OB/GYN but they can also be used as thank you cards for baby shower gifts and for other people who you appreciate, like nurses, midwife, supportive friends and family members, etc.