Best Gifts for Apple Lovers – My Favorite Ideas for Apple Fans

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Apple Fans! If you know someone who loves Apple – whether they love their iPhone, iPad, or Mac more – I hope you’ll discover a good gift idea here! I’m doing my Christmas shopping early this year, and my goal is to find the most appropriate gifts… I like giving memorable gifts and here are some for Apple fanatics, updated for the 2015 Christmas shopping season!

Enjoy this gift guide! Ideas range from the funny to the practical… Something for every geek and Apple user!

Funny T-Shirt for the Apple Lover

You’ve probably heard that age-old wisdom about how eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.. Well, here’s a new twist to that. This shirt says “An Apple a day keeps Windows away.” Great geek shirt! It’ll make their friends want one too!

Rechargable Battery for the iPhone, iPod, etc – Extra battery power, available instantly!

It’s easy to run out of battery life. Why not solve that problem with this rechargeable extra battery? This is an ideal gift for anyone who uses their phone a lot, especially if they use it while traveling. It’s a very helpful gift. I’m pretty sure it’ll be appreciated. Read the reviews.

“I’m A Mac” T-shirt

Have you seen the “I’m a Mac” commercials about how Mac is better than Windows?

Camera that you can use with your iPhone/iPad/Mac

While this isn’t directly related to being an Apple fan, it is a hot tech gift idea that’s easy to use. This is actually way more than just a high def camera with zoom and night vision! You can use it to talk to people and pets that are in the room! It can send you live alerts when there’s activity, and you can enable cloud recording.

Gloves you can wear while using the iPhone and iPad – Great Christmas Gift Idea for the Nerd in your Life!

These gloves work on all touch screens! Regular gloves won’t work on capacitive touch screens like the iPhone screen… This means you’ll have to take off your gloves if you want to answer the phone, send a text message, or use your phone for any other reason. Don’t be out in the cold! This is a great gift for anyone who owns a touch screen phone. I think it’s a really clever gift idea for Apple and Android users.

Great Idea for the Athlete

With this heart rate sensor, you can monitor your pulse on your iPhone!

Unique MacBook Decal: “Apple Juice” – Great for showing off your Mac!  This is cool! Several reviewers say that they always get lots of comments. Why not decorate your laptop, or give this funny sticker as a gift?

PBS Documentary about Steve Jobs – This DVD would be a great gift for any Apple Fan!  This video contains interviews with Steve Jobs, and with those who knew him.

Inspirational Poster – Quote from Steve Jobs – “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels…”

Great iPhone, iPad Accessory Gift Idea – Cheap in Price, but not in Quality!  A stylus is a nice accessory to have! It’s especially helpful for those with big fingers… Or those who want to sketch or write by hand on their iPad.

Best Sounding Lightweight Portable Headphones – Headphones or Earphones are a great gift idea!  It’s amazing how much difference a new pair of headphones can make! I own these headphones and they sound great! They are the perfect iPod accessory for the music lover.

Cleaning Solution for Mac Screens, iPod, iPad, etc – This is what Apple techs use and recommend.  I think this is a great gift idea! Monitors and touch screens are always getting dirty but you have to be very careful how you clean them. You can you this product without any worries.