Best Gifts for Beekeepers (Apiarists) – My Favorite Ideas!

On this page, you will find my favorite gift ideas for beekeepers (a.k.a. apiarists). These gifts include practical supplies and tools, books and magazines, clothes and jewelry, and even a few funny things.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or other holiday, I think you’ll enjoy these ideas. And if my taste doesn’t feel right, be sure to check out the links at the end of this article for more opinions on the best presents.

Unique Bee Shaped Salt & Pepper Shaker – Wouldn’t these look great on the table?

Cute Bee Sculpture with Honey Pot – Boyds Bears are always so adorable

Beehive Shaped Bird Feeder – Unique Hand Thrown Pottery.  Perfect gift idea for the beekeeper who also loves birds!

Set of Drinking Glasses with Bees on them!  Don’t these bees look like they’re crawling up the sides?  This set of bee pattern glassware is described as old fashioned, quaint, and sturdy. They are perfect for every day use.

A Smoker is a Must-Have Bee Keeping Tool

The Smoke Keeps the Bees Calm.  If a beekeeper needs to open up a hive, using a smoker is a way to keep the bees calm and distracted so that they don’t sting.

Bumble Bee Decoration for the Lawn or Garden – Bright, Large Spinner

Magnifier Recommended for Beekeepers – Helpful Tool for Examining Hives

A head magnifier is useful for all kinds of jobs. A beekeeper can use it to look for eggs on the comb and to inspect the hive. The hands free operation, good field of view, and sharp focus make it a recommended gadget.

Recommended Books for Beekeepers

Elegant Honey Pot with Honey Dipper – Cute and Functional Gift Idea

Sterling Silver.  Saint Ambrose is the Protector of Beekeepers.

Set of Honeybee Patterned Kitchen Towels

“I am the Beekeeper your Mom warned you about!”

For the beekeeper who dresses up for work or for church.

I’ve tried to gather together beekeeping gift ideas for both urban beekeepers and rural ones. I’m sure I’ve missed something, so let me know if you have a good idea.