Best Gifts for Bicycle Riders | Cyclists – My Favorite Ideas

Looking for a bike themed gift? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are my favorite serious and funny gifts! Ideas include bicycle accessories, bike themed jewelry, funny t-shirts for cyclists, tools for bike riders, and more!

Check out my hand picked suggestions. These make great gifts for bike riders, bicycle enthusiasts, cyclists, and those who love vintage bikes! Great presents for birthdays, Christmas, and holidays.

2015 Daily Calendar for Bicycle Riders – Inspiration and Information – for All Year Long!

Great Christmas gift idea for the experienced cyclist or the novice.

This calendar presents their best tips on training and nutrition, bike and gear updates, repair and maintenance – along with ride maps, race listings, and inspirational quotes from biking legends.

Complete Bike Tool Set – Compact for Carrying Along, Practical Set to make Bike Repairs Easier!

When I fixed my bike, I wasted a lot of time digging through my toolbox for the right size wrench. It was a big pain. This puts all of the necessary wrenches and tools in one place.

It has everything you will ever need when on the road, and it all folds up and easily fits into a nice carrying case. If your cyclist doesn’t have a compact tool set, they’ll be pleased with this one.

Bicycle Clock for your Wall or Desk – Use the kick stand to sit it on your desk!

This would make a really cool gift to a bicycle rider, especially if they like the style of vintage bikes.

┬áThis makes the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. It’s unique enough that they probably won’t own something like it, and special enough to make it memorable. It has positive reviews from bike obsessed customers ­čÖé

Bicycle Themed Book Ends – Best Unique Gift for Bicycle Riders! – Great Piece of Decoration

This vintage bicycle design is made out of sturdy iron. It is sure to please a bike enthusiast, cyclist, or bike lover.

Cool Bike Bell Makes a Nice Gift! – Ring, ring, watch out for me….

Great gift for the bicycle rider. If you ride on bike paths or trails and have to pass people walking, a bike bell is an easy way to let them know to watch out for you. Plus this one comes in your color choice and says “I love my bike.”

Bicycle Spedometer, Timer, Clock – Great Gadget Gift for Bicycle Riders! – How far have I travelled? How fast have I gone?

This is a great gift for anyone who bikes. It keeps track of trip length, current speed, max speed, average speed, and has a trip timer and a clock. Part of the reason I ride is for exercise, and I always want to know how long I’ve been at it, and whether I’ve been working as hard or harder than usual. I like to challenge myself!

This is a really cool bike gadget, and I recommend it as a gift for anyone who bike rides.

Surprise them by putting this up in their driveway or near their home or place of work. They’ll get a kick out of it.

Important Bicycle Accessory – Practicle Gift for Safety

This mirror attaches to the handlebars, and as the Amazon pictures show, it really does a good job of allowing you to see the road behind you!

With cars getting quieter these days, this becomes an important necessity for biking on streets. You wouldn’t drive a car with no mirrors, so why do we ride bikes without them?

Water Bottle Holder for their Bicycle – Cheap & Useful Gift Idea

Buy two, for cyclists who go on long bike rides! As the Amazon pictures show, two of these holders can fit on a bike, and they can accommodate a variety of bottles. Never go thirsty!

Nice Looking, Very Affordable, Bicycle Necklace!

 This vintage bicycle pendant looks pretty cool and comes on a chain!

Books are Great Gifts (for people who like to read!) – Books about Bicycling

Best Bicycle Jewelry Gift Idea – Bike Cuff Links

These silver plated cuff links are classy and will make a great gift for the bicycle enthusiast!