Best Gifts for Clarinet Players – My Ideas

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Clarinet players. Some are funny, some are very practical, and many are unique!  Whether you are buying for a beginner or a pro, a kid or an adult, I’m sure you’ll get a good idea from looking at these. I love buying gifts that are appreciated, which is why I’ve spent some time putting together this selection. Have fun shopping!

Clarinet Cufflinks – for those who dress up for work, or play!

They say beauty is in the details.  These look magnificent!  This is one of my favorite jewelry gifts.

Isn’t this so cute?  There’s something about penguins that I really love. And a penguin playing a clarinet? Now that’s special. This is small. About 2″ tall. It’d make a great Christmas stocking stuffer, or a gift to include in a gift basket, with some cash, or a larger gift.

Funny Clarinet Gift – Parking Sign

“Clarinetist Parking Only.  All Others with be scaled.”

You could put this parking sign up in their garage or driveway for a really good surprise! I’m sure they’d laugh and laugh and it would make for one very memorable gift! Especially ideal for teenagers who have just become new drivers! Although just about any Clarinet player would get a kick out of it!

High Quality Clarinet Carrying Case – A Practical Gift that will be used Often

Does your clarinet player have an old case, or a case that’s less than ideal? This case is Amazon’s best selling Clarinet case. It gets great reviews. It’s lightweight and protective. It has a high quality shoulder strap. There are pockets for accessories.

Great Gift Idea for Her

These are an exact replica of a Clarinet!  These earrings would look great on a Clarinet player! If you’re buying for someone who has their ears pierced, then this might be a nice surprise gift. These are hard to find in the store.

DVD about the Clarinetist Benny Goodman – What’s better than listening to music? Watching it!

This DVD is a compilation of clips, interviews, stills and performances. It’s an ideal gift for the new Clarinet player, or the longtime Benny Goodman fan. It’s fun to learn about other successes in your musical field of interest. Whether you garnish some good tips from how they play, or just enjoy hearing their music and learning about their career, it’s always intriguing to learn about those who have become legends.

Beautiful Clarinet Music CD – Featuring Grammy Award winning clarinetist Richard Stoltzman.  As a music lover, music CDs and DVDs are my favorite gifts to receive. Here’s some really great Clarinet music. I’m sure this music will be inspiring for the Clarinet player.

Stoltzman playing Mozart – Another highly recommended Music CD

Great book on Clarinet Technique – Most Highly Recommended Book for Clarinet Players This book is full of tips and techniques. Many of the reviewers feel that this book is one of the best books out there. One reviewer wishes he had read it earlier in his musical career. This is a great gift for the beginner and intermediate clarinet player.

Funny Clarinet Themed Coffee Mug – Great Gift Idea for Coffee & Tea Lovers

On the 8th Day God Created Clarinets. I have a couple special mugs, and there’s something I love about drinking a home brewed cup of coffee out of my favorite mug. I’ve given mugs as gifts several times, and they are always enjoyed!

Professional Method for Storing Reeds – Keeps the Reeds at the Correct Humidity!

It’s important to store reeds at just the right humidity. If you live in a dry location, this is an especially useful Clarinet accessory. If you don’t store reeds correctly, they can warp and go bad, which can be a huge disappointment and waste of money.

Clarinet Stand – Nice Accessory to Have!  It’s a pain to have to hold your instrument during the entire rehearsal or concert. Therefore, an affordable stand like this one is a must-have accessory!

Clarinet Key Chain – Unique Under $20 Gift Idea

Great gift idea for teens and adults! I know that I always like something special on my key ring!