Best Gifts for Coin Collectors – My Favorite Ideas

Best Gifts for a Numismatist, or a person who collects coins

I’m interested in coin collecting, so I thought I’d write an article about some great gift ideas for coin collectors. Ideas include coin collecting supplies, proof coin sets, collectible coins, numismatic themed jewelry, and more. Here’s a collection of my best ideas. These are on my wish list, so I’m sure they’d make great gifts for coin collectors and those interested in Numismatology – gifts for kids, adults, beginners, hobbyests, and experts. Happy shopping!

Excellent Digital Microscope for Examining Coins – This gift will make them say WOW!  This is my favorite gift idea for the computer savvy coin collector. It hooks up to a Windows or Mac computer via a USB cable. The microscope’s image appears on the screen. You can just look at the image, or take pictures or video of it. There are built-in LEDs that iluminate what you’re looking at. Many of the reviewers say that it’s easy to use, so even the novice computer user might really find it enjoyable. One person commented, “Everyone who sees this says, ‘Wow!'”

Pocket Scale is a very useful gift! – This has many uses!  Every Numismatist should own a pocket scale that can accurately weigh coins, and this one is particularly helpful because it also weighs in troy ounces. Weighing a coin can help a coin collector identify a coin or verify its authenticity. For example, weighing a missing clad coin can tell you if the coin is a genuine error or not. Also weighing it can help with identifying wrong planchet errors. Also, some coins are valuable for their intrinsic metal value. For example, some pre-1965 coins have high silver content, which makes them worth more than their face value, even if the coin is not otherwise remarkable. This scale can help with determining the melt value of such coins.

I find error coins to be fascinating, as many collectors do! – Beautiful Coffee Table Book.  Full color, high resolution photos, current prices, and opinions about these top 100 error coins! This book has coins to drool over!

Case Knife with Indian Head Nickel

John F. Kennedy Half Dollar – 90% Silver! – Great Coin Collectible  This coin is super cool for two reasons – 1) It is highly collectible as a coin. It was issued in 1964, just weeks after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 2) It is made out of 90% silver. The price of silver keeps going up. I’m sure that the intrinsic value of this coin will increase. Just the silver value alone makes this quarter worth $13 in melt value (as of 7/10/11).

Indian Head Penny Cufflinks – Great Jewelry Gift Idea for those who Dress up!  An Indian head penny cufflink would look great on a shirt sleeve! The Indian head penny is a penny that I feel comfortable with wearing for jewelry. It isn’t super rare, but not commonly found in spare change these days. It will make for great conversation starter.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is a Must-Have – Great coin to have with the value of silver increasing! This one is on my wish list. Morgan Dollars are very popular and sought after. There are entire books devoted to collecting them!

Comprehensive Guide to U.S. Coins – Books always make great gifts!

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