Best Gifts for Drummers – My Favorite Ideas!

Here are the best rockin’ gift ideas for drummers. I’ve created a list of thoughtful (and sometimes funny) gift ideas for professional drummers, people who play drum in band, kids and adults who love to play the drum, and for drum instructors as well. My ideas range from t-shirts to unique percussion instruments… I hope you find the perfect present for that special someone.

Impressive Sounding Rainstick – Enjoyed by kids and teachers alike!  This has so many convincing, positive reviews that of all things on this page, this is the one I most recommend for the drummer in your life. OK, well for that drummer who doesn’t already have a traditional rainstick made out of cactus.

A Clock Made with a Genuine Zildjian Cymbal – A Time Keeper for the Time Keeper

Hang this in your practice room, classroom, or bedroom for a great conversation piece.

John Bonham, the drummer of Led Zeppelin, is an amazing drummer. He was named “best drummer of all time” by Rolling Stone readers. This DVD set has lots of incredible footage of John Bonham on the drums. He even does a 10 minute improvised drum solo during “Moby Dick.”


More Rock DVDs with Exceptional Drummers

What’s better than listening to music? Watching the performance!

Drummer’s Survival Kit from Zildjian – Spare Parts… incase something breaks at the last minute  This is a pretty clever idea. It has parts that you might need to fix your Cymbals and Drums so that you will have them when you need them. If something breaks right before performance, no worries!

 A gift that continues every month!  Amazon makes ordering a gift magazine subscription easy. They even have a gift notification card that you can print out.

Personalized Vic Firth Drumsticks – Have their name or band’s name engraved on them!  These drum sticks can be customized with the exact design you request. You choose the wording and font, and you can even send an image of a signature to be laser engraved on them. What’s cooler than having custom designed drum sticks?

Thunder Tube – Small Tube, Big Noise  An unique instrument that a drummer can use to add special sound effects to the music!

“Drummer Parking Only” Novelty Parking Sign – for their Driveway, Garage, or Parking Spot.  If you put this up on their birthday or other special occasion, I’m sure they will remember the day for a long time. It’s likely to make them laugh and smile….

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