Best Gifts for Engineers – My Favorite Ideas!

I love picking out unique and memorable gifts. My Grandpa was an engineer and my Dad an inventor, so I am kind of familiar with the types of gifts that would make them sit back and think awhile ­čÖé Here are my favorite gift ideas for engineers and other nerdy types. These engineering themed gifts include funny t-shirts, ties, coffee mugs, home decor, desk accessories, toys, and more.

Gifts for All Engineer Types!

While my main focus when creating this list was for adults who are engineers (whether recent graduates or not!), I’ve now realized that some of these gifts would also interest kids and teens. So, whether you are looking for a graduation, birthday, or Christmas gift, I hope you’ll find the perfect gift idea here!

Putty that shatters and eats metallic items? – Here’s some strange stuff. ┬áThis is a desk toy for the engineer who likes unique materials….

Have you seen this?

Great Desk Toy for Science Types. ┬áThis bird will perpetually drink water! It has something to do with evaporative cooling and condensation… I can’t explain the science of it but your engineer friend may be able to! You should really click here and check out the video to see this thing in action!

For the Engineer who’s Fascinated by the Weather – Based on Galileo’s Design

This is the most artistic looking barometer and thermometer set I’ve seen! I love the colors and the clear glass design. The reviews indicate that it does work… You can use the barometer to predict changing shifts in the weather. I had a science kit when I was a kit that had instructions for making a barometer out of a plastic tube – I did that and it was fun to watch – and now my adult me is thinking about Christmas gifts for myself!

An Earth that Levitates and Rotates…..

It is pretty amazing to see something floating in the air! This levitating and rotating globe is described as the perfect corporate gift or executive gift. One reviewer says that it’s probably most appealing to the engineer or scientist type….

I know it sure has me intrigued! Apparently there’s a trick to getting it to float and rotate in mid-air, but once you figure that trick out, it will stay up there for quite awhile. Great for all kinds of inquiring minds, adults and kids alike.

┬áThis levitating and rotating globe is described as the perfect corporate gift or executive gift. One reviewer says that it’s probably most appealing to the engineer or scientist type….

Desktop Gear Clock – Great Gift Idea for the Mechanical Engineer! ┬áClick on buy now to read the reviews and check out the video of this clock working! People really love this!

These Cuff Links have a Real Level in them!

I love that these levels actually work. These are the perfect accent to any suit!

Engineer’s Motto T-Shirt – Funny Shirt – “If it isn’t broken, take it apart and fix it.” ┬áAvailable in sizes Small-4XL. I love this saying! It’s perfect for anyone who likes to take apart stuff that’s not broken..

T-Shirt with Math & Physics Equations – Fun Shirt for the Science or Math Type

Desk Clock with Moving Gears – Great Conversation Starter! ┬áThis has positive reviews. Apparently it keeps time well and looks great!

Unique Pen Holder with Magnetic Surface – Multipurpose Desk Accessory! ┬á This can hold pens, scissors, rulers, and other desk supplies. Plus, I love that it has a magnetic surface… perfect for paper clips, screws, and other small metal things!

Funny Parking Signs for Engineers – Great surprise gift idea – put this on their driveway or in their garage! I’d just love to see their face when they discover this gift idea! Put this someplace they park – at home or work – for a very memorable gift!


Piston Shaped Coffee Mug – For the Mechanical or Automotive Engineer Chrome-plated and insulated!

On this page, I’ve tried to find good gifts for the Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, and Architectual Engineer.. Many of these gifts would also work for the mathematician, scientist, and anyone else who loves science and math. Although I’ve been thinking about Christmas gifts lately, these gifts could also make great gift ideas for any other holiday, including Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Graduation Day, etc.