Best Gifts for Hippies – My Favorite Ideas!

Here are my favorite gift ideas for hippies, both young and old. Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for Christmas, a birthday, retirement, or some other special occasion? Here are some unique and memorable gifts for all kinds of hippies: for the flower child, pothead, peace loving anti-war activist, and 60s music fan. Gifts include funny signs, jewelry, t-shirts, coffee mugs, retro style clothes, and more.

Retro Camper Birdhouse – Gift Idea for the Nature Loving Hippie

This looks like a retro Airstream style trailer. It sure fits in with the “flower child” theme. While it would look good hanging just about anywhere, if you buy it for the Hippie who has a nice backyard, they can hang it someplace where birds can call it home.

Dashiki Retro Shirt – Fashionable “Hippie Wear” of the 1960s-1970s Give the gift of a colorful dashiki, a long style African shirt popularized during the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s. Go back in time! This kind of shirt looks comfy to wear and is a gift you can give to a man or woman.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set – All Natural Skin Care Products

This is a great gift idea for the earthy kind of hippie who likes to own and use all-natural stuff. Burt’s bee products are made from 100% natural renewable products. Even the packaging is recycled! So for the Earth loving greenie, this is a treat! It has lots of great reviews from women who love these lotions.

“Hippie Parking Only” Novelty Parking Sign – Great Gag Gift Idea

Put this up on their driveway, in their garage, or at their favorite parking spot and watch their reaction! It’s sure to make them laugh or smile…. and it will make for one memorable day!

Funny Vintage Style Tin Sign – Great Decorating Piece

This has quite a few positive reviews… A great sign for their wall!

Peace Sign Toaster – A Real Kitchen Appliance

This makes great looking toast! Each toast comes out with a peace symbol toasted on it! A really peaceful way to start the day! This would be a good gift for a kid or an adult. It’s sure to start lots of conversations when you have guests over.

Hippies Couple Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – Adorable 🙂

This cute set would make a great centerpiece for a birthday party or wedding reception.

Peace Sign Earrings – Jewelry Gift Idea for Her

These silver peace sign dangling earrings would look great with most any outfit.

Peace Sign Cufflinks – These add an extra special touch!

Great gift idea for anyone who “dresses up” for work, church, or formal occasions.

Grateful Dead Concert DVD – Nostalgic Gift Idea for Deadheads

This is a 2 DVD set of New Year’s Eve 1978 concert special. What’s better than listening to music? Watching it be performed! They’re not touring anylonger, so you can’t get tickets, but you can go back in time… and many reviewers think that this is one of their best concerts!

Fantastic Wine Glass – Gift Idea for that Special Someone

Gift Set of Incense – Beautiful Presentation of a Classic Gift Idea Hippies are know for their love of incense and free love. Here’s the one part of that you can buy 🙂

This documentary gets rave reviews, and it looks like a great gift idea for any hippie who enjoyed Bob Dylan’s music during the 1960s. Bob Dylan has been called the “unwilling hippy icon.”


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