Best Gifts for iPhone Users

Is there an iPhone owner on your shopping list? If so, you’re at the right place. Here are my favorite gift ideas for iPhone users, owners, lovers, fans, and anyone else who wants something iPhone related for Christmas, their birthday, or any other holiday or occasion! Some of these are clearly iPhone accessories, while others are unique or weird stuff that iPhone users will probably enjoy!

This T-shirt says, “An Apple a day keeps WINDOWS away.”  Clever!  Great apparel for Apple fans.

Also, don’t miss this T-Shirt!  Do you remember the “I’m a Mac” commercials?

Old Fashioned Headset for your iPhone – Retro Headset – Most Unique Gift Idea!  Choose from an assortment of colors! (Pink, Gold, Orange, Silver, Red, and more!) I don’t know if I should call this unique or unusual. In either case, I stumbled across this iPhone accessory by accident, and with great interest, I’ve read all the reviews. While at first I thought it was a joke (and it might make a fun gag gift), it’s really not a joke at all – people love using this!

It has some practical benefits:

1. You can hold it between your shoulder and head.

2. It reduces cell phone radiation to your head.

3. You won’t accidentally hang up or mute it with your cheek.

4. The iPhone gets warm. This doesn’t.

5. It’s fun to use.

Rechargable Battery for your iPhone – Get up to 3 more hours of talk time!  This is an amazingly simple idea. You can charge this battery with your laptop, and then whenever you’re running low on battery power, just connect this to your iPhone, and it quickly charges up your iPhone. It’s the ideal solution for when you’re not near an outlet…. Like at the airport, on the subway or bus, etc. Sometimes no matter how careful you are to always charge your iPhone, things happen… Well this is great emergency back-up power!

Armband for the iPhone 4/4S – Great for exercising, running, and biking!  Sometimes you don’t have any pockets… so what can you do with your iPhone? Here’s a solution! Keep your phone with you while you run or work-out. Whether you listen to tunes on it or just want it nearby, this is one useful gift idea.

Funny Gift Idea – Retro Case – This looks like a really old cell phone!  Turn your iPhone into a classic 1980’s ‘house brick’ mobile phone! This is a funky gift idea for any nerd or geek who owns an iPhone!

UV Sanitizer for the iPhone – Don’t let you iPhone make you sick!  Maybe you’re read the studies on germs on touch screens. Well, if you put your iPhone in this sanitizer, it will kill the nasty germs that you can’t see! It’s a good possibility that this will prevent you from getting sick.

Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker for the Car – Stay Safe ~ Keep Both Hands on the Wheel.  This is a great alternative to a bluetooth ear piece, something that I don’t really like! Many states have laws now against holding the cell phone while driving, so these laws necessitate something like this. It avoids a $100+ ticket. Not to mention that it decreases distraction and may save a life!

Spider iPhone Stand / Holder – Something Unusual…..  This grips your iPhone and can be used to hold it on your desk, or in a more awkward position, like hanging in your car.

Some More Cool Stands for the iPhone – Because I couldn’t choose just one!


Car Mount for the iPhone – a Must-Have for using GPS on the iPhone!

 Solar Charger for the iPhone User – Charge the Battery with the Sun’s Power!   This is a great idea for the survivalist. This would be a great gadget to keep in a disaster preparedness kit!