Best Gifts for Kayakers – My Favorite Ideas!

Although by no means an expert, I enjoy kayaking, and so do some family members. I thought a kayak themed gift would be perfect, so I went on a search for the perfect gift idea… Here’s what I found. My ideas include jewelry, funny gifts, clothing, kayaking accessories, educational DVDs, and more. Whether the person you are thinking of is into recreational kayaking, sea kayaking, or whitewater paddling, I’m sure you’ll find a great idea here. These ideas would be great for birthday gifts, Christmas, and other holidays.

Kayak Cufflinks – Unique Fashion Accessory.  These cufflinks look like they are finely detailed. Great jewelry gift idea for him or her.

Perfect calendar for Kayakers!   This is full of beautiful images! Great for dreaming about kayaking these natural wonders.

Kayak Paddle Grips – Prevent blisters… Get a more comfortable grip!  This kayaking accessory looks nice and provides comfort!

Kayak Pendant – Jewelry Gift Idea for Her.  This charm would look great on a necklace!

Waterproof Cell Phone Bag – Now you don’t have to leave your phone on shore!  I wish I had this when I went kayaking! I’m used to carrying my phone everywhere! But I was afraid of my phone getting wet (especially if I capsized) so I left it in my car.. But I’m thinking I might buy this for next time. I like the strap. That way it can stay near me, in easy reach, and dry. This has positive reviews from people who use it while kayaking. Although you could by a waterproof case for your phone, this is nice because it will work for a lot of phone models. One reviewer says that they can use their iPhone through it fine, and was able to talk on the phone, look up tide info, and use GPS.

Another option… SealLine See Bag This is for storing anything you don’t want to get wet! Many sizes available.

Drink Holder for Kayaks – Stop searching for your drink! It may be rolling around in the bottom of the kayak!

A Hat for Protection from the Sun – A necessity for the kayaker!  This is the kind of hat I needed when I went kayaking. The water reflects the sun, and the sun’s rays can easily cause sunburns. Even on a cloudy day, it’s not unusual to get a tan while on the water. The broad rim of this hat is large enough to protect a lot of skin, including the back of the neck.

Gel Seat Cushion for the Kayak – Relieve or prevent pain…. And Kayak longer!  This Yakpad is a universal seat for all kayaks. It’s designed to reduce pressure on the kayaker’s bottom and prevent nerve pain. Lots of positive reviews!

Best Gadget for Kayakers who Fish – Portable Fish Finder and Depth Sensor.  This has many reviewers from kayakers. It has an optional alarm that can notify you of fish!

Evolution Shirt for Kayakers.  I actually bought my Dad a kayak-themed shirt for his birthday. He liked it because he thought it would make for a great conversation starter.

Waterproof Camera for Taking Pictures While Kayaking – This is on my wish list!  Kayaking is beautiful! Now with this high quality waterproof camera, you can take pictures of wildlife and of friends and family. It’s a Panasonic Lumix, which is an easy to use point and shoot camera. Whether you are a nature lover or just want to capture some memories, this camera makes the perfect gift for the kayaker, or anyone who enjoys a water sport.

This could make a great gag gift! Put this sign up on their driveway, in their garage, or wherever they park their car… and watch their reaction! I’m sure it’ll bring a smile or laugh.

Kayaking Guidebooks – Great for planning the next adventure! Learn about all of Pennsylvania’s navigable rivers and lakes.


Learn about the best day trips and overnight trips for saltwater paddling in the Puget Sound.

Find out where to put in your kayak! This book about kayaking Florida’s streams, lakes, and rivers and many positive reviews.

Having grown up in NY, I’m always surprised at how many people don’t know that most of the state has farms and other rural areas. It is a great state to explore.