Best Gifts for Math Geeks and Math Teachers

This page has my favorite gift ideas for math geeks, math teachers, and general math lovers. Everything from ties and shirts with “pi” on them to old collectible calculators and slide rules. Here are some truly funny and serious gifts for math geeks!

Impress them with a special math themed gift. They will treasure it, and remember your thoughtfulness.

This was going to be a “Top 10” list, but I couldn’t limit myself to just 10……. So here are all of my ideas!

Pi Symbol Shaped Pizza Cutter – A Pi to Cut a Pie!

Hmmm…. This is an ideal gift for the college math student who may eat a lot of pizza! But I think this kitchen gadget is so cool that I would even give it to my high school math teacher. It’s sure not something he probably already owns.

Classy Pi Tie for Him  Every math professor needs at least one pi tie. The reviewers for this one like its color and subtlety.

A Great Calendar for Mathematicians!


Fractals are the visual depictions of mathematical equations. They look like art, but it’s all about math! Great Christmas gift idea! This is a beautiful calendar that Math people will appreciate. Take a look, and you might decide to get one for yourself as well. Fractals are beautiful. They’re found in nature too, from the pattern of rivers to the shape of lightening bolts, and even in DNA.

Pi Symbol Shaped Cufflinks – Great Accessory Idea for Him or Her.  This would make a great graduation gift for the mathematician… It’s just the right accessory item to wear to make a good impression.

Math Themed Clock – Unique Gift – Equations instead of numbers! I like this clock, and so do most of the reviewers. It would make a nice, unexpected gift. It would look great on the wall of an office or classroom.

Math Equations Silk Tie – Featuring Real Math Equations and Math Terms.  Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus terms and equations.

A Book that Requires Great Mathematical Thinking Abilities – Many reviewers think that this is the best puzzle book!  This book is a collection of puzzles that have been published in Scientific American magazine over the course of 25 years.

“I’ll do the Math. You do the English.” – Great Shirt for the Math Nerd.  This shirt is available in sizes small to 3XL.

Beautiful Math Jewelry Gift for Him or Her!

A Beautiful Gift for Math People.  Based on the real math concept of Fibonacci Fractal Geometry. Not as famous as Pi, but the obscurity might make this gift more impressive.

Cool Gift Idea: Funny DVD Series about Geeks – Laughing all of the way…… And the mathematic & physics problems on the chalkboards are real in this show!  As one reviewer sums it up, “Great fun for geeks… and everyone else.” It you want to buy a gift that the whole family (well… teens & adults) will enjoy, this is the one! Both the writing and acting in this series is superb. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out 🙂

A Book of Clever Math Jokes – Great Book for Math Teachers.  The more you know about math, the funnier this gets!

Homemade Gift Idea for Math Nerd – Homemade Cookies in the Shape of Numbers… Great Gift Basket Item!  Best deal on number cookie cutters. Bake your own cookies and put then in a nice basket or box for a special hand crafted gift!