Best Gifts for Moms of Twins

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Moms who are expecting twins, or for Mothers who have recently given birth to twins! Some of these ideas are funny, while many of them are practical. Although many baby supplies are the same (you just need two of everything!) there are some baby supplies that are especially helpful for mothers who have two little ones!

These would also make great baby shower gifts for women who are pregnant with multiples.

Proud Mother of Twins T-Shirt.  Just like two peas in a pod!

Matching Baby Clothes for Twins – Choose from a variety of cute & funny outfits! It’s so much fun to buy clothes for little kids! And most Moms love getting them! One day at the post office, I watched a couple eagerly open a box and hold up the small sized clothes with delight! I just think Moms have a terrific time imagining their little ones wearing all kinds of cute clothes.

These pairs of onesies are cute and funny. There are sets for boy-girl twins, twin girls, and twin boys.

Beautiful Necklace featuring a Family with Twins – This elegant sterling silver pendant comes with a free chain and a free bag! This is the perfect gift for a Mom of twins. It will be treasured.

Cute Photo Frame for Twins – Excellent gift idea if you have a cute picture of them!  Mom’s love personalized gifts, and what’s more unique than receiving a gift with a picture of her babies in it?

Pack ‘N Play for Twins – Large Play Area, & Two Bassinets for Sleeping! My sister had a single one of these, and it was her most used piece of baby furniture! She had it in the living room, so she was never too far away from her little one.

A Pack ‘N Play is a great baby accessory to have. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, or just about anywhere. It’s the perfect place for napping and the play area is the perfect place to put your baby when you need to set him/her down for a little while…. It’s portable so you can fold it up and transport it where you need it.

Two Peas in a Pod Earrings – These are so cute! This is a unique jewelry gift that a Mom of twins would appreciate!

A unique jewelry gift idea for the Mom of twins… These are adorable!

Baby Bottle Holders – Hands Free!  Easily feed both babies at the same time! This is sure a cute gift idea! I stumbled across this product by accident… and thought you’d love to see it!

This product has lots of positive reviews! Here you can get a set of two at a discounted price. It is hard to hold 2 babies and 2 bottles at the same time!

Cuddle Twins – Cute Monkey Toy with Blanket – Choose from a large selection of animals!  Lots of blue & pink animals to choose from! Each set comes with two, so both twins can have the same lovely toy/blankie, or you can buy two different sets, so that they’ll each have an extra one!

Pair of Giraffe Teethers – Something unique for the little ones…. I guess you could buy 2 of anything for a Mom of twins… I kind of like how these come in a 2 pack though.

 These teethers are fairly large, so they’re easy for babies to grip.. Click the picture to see photos of babies with them!

Nursing Cover…. Breastfeed anywhere, in private! – Designed so that Mom can see baby while feeding!  For the Mom who wants to breastfeed in public, but doesn’t want attention drawn to her.

Recommended Book on Raising Twins – Lots of great tips here! This book addresses the special challenges of raising two children who are the same age. It has advice on how to design the nursery, manage synchronized feeding, sleep schedules, potty training, and more.


Double Heart Pendant – to symbolize Mom’s love for her twins This is a gorgeous necklace… the double heart is perfect for the Mom of twins.

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