Best Gifts for Organists (Organ Players)

Here are my favorite gifts for organists. I’ve tried to pick out gifts for people who are Church Organists, as well as those who play pipe organs, the hammond B-3 organ, or any other kind of organ. I love music and my Grandma had a chord organ, and I enjoy listening to music made with all kinds of organs! I’ve chosen organ themed gifts here, including funny and decorative items, and some accessories and thoughful gifts for Organ players.

Beautiful Organist Pin – Great Pipe Organ Themed Jewelry Gift Idea!  This gift idea is small, but it’s unique and sure to be memorable.

CD Box Set of Organ Music – Set of 13 CDs! – A Bargain Price for So Much Music!  A great collection of music!

Book on the History of Organ Playing in America! – Books are Great Gift Ideas!  This book would make a great gift idea for a pipe organ enthusiast! It has many 5-star reviews.

More Books for Organ Players – A Wide Selection to Choose From!



Piano Keys Themed Tie for the Organ Player – Most Organs Have Black & White Keys!

Although some organs also have colored keys, most have black & white keys as well, so finding a gift that features piano keys can work quite nicely as a gift idea for organists! Here’s a high quality men’s tie with organ keys on it!

Cuff Links to go with the Tie…. Piano Keys Keyboard Player Cufflinks Cuff Links

Christmas Organ Music – New Music CDs are always a nice gift idea!