Best Gifts for People in Nursing Homes

If you are going to visit someone in a nursing home, you probably wonder what kind of gift you should bring. Although nursing homes and assisted living communities vary widely, there are a few general things to think about. First, people often don’t have too much personal space, so before giving a large gift, be sure to visit them to see if it would work for them. Second, things sometimes go missing, as some people might have dementia and take things that aren’t theirs.

So try to give something from the heart that has special value but not high monetary value. If you are giving photos, make copies so that you still have the originals. If you give them clothes, you might want to write their name on the tag.

The best gift you can give is your love, whether it’s by visiting in person or sending letters or talking on the phone. As to material things, though, keep reading. I’ll try to give you some good gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays.

Talking Photo Albums – Record a message about the photo

Talking photo albums are my favorite gift ideas for older folks, especially if you live far away and can’t visit. You can fill these albums with old family photos and say things like “Remember when….?” and then name the people and talk a little about them. Or, you can put new photos in it and tell them about recent family events. The sound of your voice will likely fill their hearts with warm thoughts!

Digital Picture Frame – This automatically displays the pictures!

The basic idea is that you insert an SD card with your photos on it, and set it to run automatically during the daytime, and then it will load the photos one after another for their viewing pleasure. Several Amazon customers say that this would work well for people with dementia. The price has really dropped on these photo frames (this one costs under $50… I remember when they were over $100!).

Hallmark Blooming Flower with Message Inside!

So pretty, and no need for water! This is such a perfect idea for an elderly person! You push a button and the flower opens up to display a loving message. They come in a slender vase, so they don’t require much space. You don’t have to remember to water them and they’re quite affordable.


Telephone with Picture Buttons – Do they have trouble dialing numbers?

This is great for anyone with memory problems, as each button can hold a picture, so all they have to do it push a photo button to dial someone. It remembers the number for you! This also amplifies the volume, has a 911 emergency key, and other helpful features so that it can be set up perfect for your family member.

Fuzzy Socks are Fun! – Soft Fabrics are Often a Good Choice for Gifts!

These are soft and they have anti-skid grippers on the bottom of them! Good feelings and safe 🙂

Stuffed Animals to Pet and Adore – Plush Cats and More

She might like holding this on her lap and petting it… Sometimes a stuffed animal can provide comfort. I’ve ready many reviews of realistic looking plush cats and often there are reviews from people that say their relative in a nursing home likes to hold it and pet it.

More Ideas… Maybe something they’re interested in?

Think about their hobbies, maybe get them a related magazine

Here’s a good gift idea for a Christian who likes reading the bible but maybe has difficulty reading now. This is pre-loaded with both the old and new testaments for easy use.

Puzzles that they can enjoy with their friends.


More Helpful Ideas