Best Gifts for Tattoo Artists – My Favorite Ideas!

Do you like to give memorable gifts? I sure do! My aim is to always give unique and useful gifts (or, funny gifts) and with that thought I’ve created a list of great gifts for Tattoo Artists. Whether you are Christmas shopping, planning for an upcoming birthday, or just want to show your appreciation, I hope that this page gives you a few good ideas. Types of gifts include t-shirts and clothing, coffee mugs, home decor ideas, books, and more.

Tattoo Art Wall Calendar for 2017 – Great Decoration for their Shop

This cool looking calendar would be a great gift for the end of this year. Each year’s calendar comes out mid-year, so check back for a new one next year.

T-Shirts for Tatooists

This men’s t-shirt has a cool tattoo gun and skull illustration.

The whole shirt is covered with tattoo art and it has a skin tone background color.  Looks wild!

+ Don Ed Hardy Stuff

In case you’re new to the scene, Don Ed Hardy is a famous American tattoo artist known for his apparel line.

Don Ed Hardy Pint Glasses – Tattooed Glasses for Drinking!  Here’s a unique gift idea that any tattoo fan would enjoy. These glasses would be great for beer or just about any cold drink.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils – For creating vibrant drawings.

Art supplies are a great gift idea! These colored pencils come in a wide variety of colors, they don’t smear, and they create rich illustrations. According to one reviewer, this particular brand is popular among tattoo artists. It gets great reviews by just about everyone.

Book about the history of tattoos – This Looks like an Interesting Read.  This might inspire some new ideas for the modern day tattooist.

For the Tattoo Artist who’s surrounded by science types – Also of interest to tattooists who take a lot of grief for their career.  Does the tattoo artist you know either 1) like science or 2) have friends and family who like science and don’t like tattoos? This might change their minds! This is a book that will appeal to geeky types. It seems that there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t appreciate the desire to be inked, and this book might change some of their minds… or at least give them some insight! It’s one book you might find them “awwing” and “ooohing” over.

Tattooed Woman Wall Sculpture – 3″ x 6″ x 16.5″  Here’s an unusual gift idea!

Pink Tattooed Gloves – Possible Gag Gift Idea for Her?  These are funny! One hand says “Wash Hard” and the other “Dry Young.” and then it says “Tuff Dish”

Funny Gift Idea for their Tattoo Shop – Novelty Parking Sign. Put this up in front of their store and watch their reaction! It’s sure to make them smile or laugh…. and bring on much joy to their customers as well!

Artograph 10-Inch-by-12-Inch LightTracer Light Box – Professional Art Equipment Gift Idea.  This light box makes tracing designs a breeze!

So many interesting books about tattoos… If you want to add to their library, buying them a newer book might be best because they’ll be least likely to already own it. You can also try to find a book about their specialty. Art books make the best inspiration!

A history book about the subculture of tattoos!



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