Best Gifts for Trombone Players – My Ideas

Here’s a list of my recommendations for trombone themed gifts. I love buying unique gifts, as I’m sure you do too. Whether you are buying for a beginner Trombone player or a pro, you’ll find something here I’m sure. From Trombone jewelry, trombone shirts, trombone accessories, to trombone music, I’ve got a little of it all here. Happy shopping!

Gold Trombone Earrings – Great Jewelry Gift for Her.  These trombone earrings are pewter cast and plated with 24 karat gold. They are high quality earrings that are designed to be an exact replica of a trombone. I think they would be quite eye catching and beautiful. Ideal gift for that special lady who loves to play Trombone.

Gold Plated Keychain – Great gift idea for Teens & Adults.  I think it’s nice to have an attractive keychain. It’s a nice gift because it would work for just about anyone, although it’s especially timely for a teen or young adult who has their first car.

Protective Trombone Carrying Case – Reviewer says that it’s better than a hardshell case!  This trombone case is highly recommended. It’s lightweight, roomy, and comes with a shoulder strap. If the person you’re buying for has a hard case, or an older case that’s getting worn out, then this would make a great gift for them.

Trombone Stand is a Cheap but Important Accessory – Put your Trombone down and relax 🙂  This stand is for those times when they aren’t playing, but they aren’t ready to pack up and go home yet. Great for studio use, rehearsal, band practice, etc.

Beautiful Cufflinks that look like Mini Trombones! – Great Gift for those who Dress up for work or play.  These are plated with gold and silver. They would look fantastic on any French cuff shirt.

Trombone Christmas Tree Ornament – Beautiful Holiday Gift for the Trombone Player.  This musical themed ornament would look really nice on a Christmas tree, with the Christmas lights reflecting on it.

Deluxe Gift Basket for the Trombone Player – Who knew they’d have a trombone themed gift box on Amazon?   This comes with a Trombone mug, Trombone coasters, biscotti, and 5 blends of gourmet coffee. This is the perfect gift for a coffee loving Trombone musician!

Funny Trombone Themed T-Shirt – “If I Look Quiet It’s Because You Haven’t Seen Me With My Trombone”  Available in many sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large.

Religious and Funny Themed Trombone Sweatshirt – “And on the 8th Day, God created Trombones”  I’m sure glad that God created Trombones and this humorous sweatshirt says it all! This comes in MANY sizes, from Small to 5XL!! Sometimes it’s hard to find shirts for big and tall women and men…… That’s one of the things that makes this unique shirt stand out!

Trombone Music for Inspiration – Featuring Frank Rosolino and Carl Fontana.  There is very little I’d love more than receiving music for a gift. I’m sure people who really love playing their Trombone probably feel the same way. Listening to really good music is inspiring. This CD is highly recommended for anyone who loves jazz trombone. Read the reviews here.

More Highly Recommended Trombone Music – Great Classical Trombone Music Featuring Joe Alessi.  This is recommended as Joe Alessi’s best CD. This CD is described as enchanting, uplifting, and relaxing.

Great Christian Lindberg CD – Recommended for any Brass Player

More Music – You Can Never Have too Much! – I’ve tried to pick out a few of the best Trombone albums here!  Here’s an excerpt from one of the reviews, “It is a good example CD to listen to if a trombone player is stuck on phrasing and breathing for the classic trombone songs featured on the CD.”