Best Gifts for Walkers – My Favorite Ideas!

I love to walk! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for walkers of all types. Fast walkers, slow walkers, for the young and old! I’ve tried to feature only the best gift ideas on this page. I love giving unique and memorable gifts, and I hope you are able to find a nice gift for that special someone ūüôā

These would make great gift ideas for Christmas, birthday, or any special occasion!

Safety Vest – Great Gift Idea for Evening Walkers! – The Gift that Could Save their Life! ¬†This is a great gift idea for anyone who walks on the road in dusk or darkness. It will helps cars and other traffic see them, which makes it way less likely they’ll get hit. It’s nice to be able to walk during the evening, especially in the Winter time when the days are short!

Looking for a tech gift? ¬†For those serious about improving their fitness, a heart rate monitor watch like this one will come very handy. ¬†It’s great for monitoring your heart rate during and after exercise. ¬† Keeping track of your heart rate is a good way to determine the intensity of your exercise. ¬†This watch also keeps track of calories burned, which can be very motivating!

Exercise Related Gift for the Power Walker – Increase upper body strength as you walk!

I swing my arms around as I walk, which is a pretty natural movement. I’m thinking of buying a set of these, because that way my arms would be getting some exercise as I walk!

Pedometer that Works, Even in your Pocket! ¬†Keeping track of steps can be a really big motivator! This one doesn’t require any special placement – even in your pocket it will keep track of your steps.

Do they listen to music while they walk? РThese Headphones are Amazing!  I know some people prefer in-the-ear earphones (if so, they might like V-Moda Earbuds) but my preference is for lightweight headphones. These headphones are practically indestructiable and they sold really good. They sound as good as headphones that cost twice the price. They have lots of depth and detail.

Spenco Insoles – These Help My Feet Feel Good! – These are the ones I wear – I wouldn’t go without them! ¬†These are way cheaper than custom orthotics. I buy a new pair every 9-12 months and they make my feel feel way better. I have plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel of my foot) that kept me from walking for awhile. But now I do foot stretches every day, and I wear these insoles. I’m not 100% pain free, but I can still walk a lot!

Funny and Inspiring Book

Walk at Home DVD РWorkout with this Video.  Great Idea for Walkers who are trying to lose weight and stay in shape. This DVD shows how to do it without leaving your house. This would be helpful on days when the weather is bad.

Beautiful Wooden Hickory Walking Stick – Great for Protection and Steadiness Brazos

Not all walkers are going to want a walking stick. People who walk fast (like me) might find that this walking stick just slows them down. However, for those who are slower walkers or a bit unsteady on their feet, this would make a great gift. A walking stick can be used in self-defense and steadiness.

Buy a beautiful umbrella! ¬†The current selection includes umbrellas with flowers¬†and butterflies! ¬†If you live in the Pacific Northwest like me, it rains so often that the only way to stick to an exercise plan is to walk in the rain, or walk indoors. ¬†I usually opt for walking in the rain, just because it’s so much fun! ¬†Having a pretty umbrella is a motivator to get off of the couch on a dreary day.

How about some nice sunscreen? – I like fragrance free sunscreen. ¬†Walking outside means being out in the sun a lot….. I try to wear a hat, but I need sunscreen to protect my arms.

A Really Cool Gadget: Garmin eTrex Portable GPS – Afraid of getting lost? No more!

Expand your horizons with this handheld GPS! I’ve used this, and it’s really quite amazing. You can set your start point, set way points, and it will keep track of where you’re going, and when it’s time to head back, you won’t walk in circles with this! Ideal for anyone who walks off-road, in the woods, etc. Way better than a compass!

I Love My Fleece Shirts! ¬†Fleece is lightweight, and yet so warm….

Athletic Socks Made a Great Gift! – These are thick and provide extra cushion! ¬† Reviewers say that these socks provide a lot of cushion, which can be helpful if you have feet problems. Although these are thick, they apparently are designed to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However they do that, I don’t know!

Learn how to walk a Marathon!

Keep dogs away from you… This may, or may not, work.

I actually bought this red pepper spray recently, and have yet to use it, but I carry it just in case. It has a keyring so it attaches to my purse easily. ¬†I hope I never have to use it. ¬†But I know it works (just read the reviews) and¬†$10 is cheap. ¬†I think the best safety measures to take are to walk in low-crime areas while it’s daylight, but it’s good to be prepared.