Best Plumber Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Plumber Gift Ideas Are you looking for the best plumbing related gift idea? Here are my favorite gift ideas for plumbers. These make great gifts for many holidays and occasions, including Christmas, birthday, etc. You may also be thinking of a thank you gift, for that plumber who really saved the day.

Some of these gifts are quite funny, while others are more of the practical nature. Some of these are accessories that plumbers can use on the job, but also I found decorations for their office and home.

Funny Gift: Bathroom Themed Desk Organizer

Perfect gift for their office!  This is more than just a cute sculpture! It is a tape holder, paper clip holder, and pen holder. This has over 50 reviews – including by some people who gave this unique desk item as a gift. It rates an average of 4 stars!

Toilet Coffee Mug for the Plumber…. Don’t say yuck yet – that’s coffee!

This can also be used as a flower planter, candy dish, or candle holder.

Right now, this is the bestselling mug on Amazon. Is that unbelievalbe, or what? I think that’s because it makes for a great gag gift for all kinds of people. It’s sure a quirky thing – and customers have displayed many cute uses for it…. click the above photo to see pictures of it in use!

Pewter Plumber Belt Buckle – Featuring Pipe Wrenches

Not only does this look like a nice gift for any man who wears belts, it’s also made in the USA!

Sink Paper Clip Holder – Desk Accessory – Cutest Little Sink Ever!  Can you see this sitting on their desk? It looks like a nice conversation piece.

Christmas Gift Idea: Santa Plumber – Cute Figurine

No worries, Santa’s on the job, and he’s got the tools too! This is a fun decoration for a plumber!

Plumbing Themed Key Ring – for the Professional – Can’t go wrong with this gift.

Everyone has a few keys to put on a keyring. And as a plumber, this may prove useful holding the keys to their work van, office, etc.

A Useful Gift for the Plumber – Professional Kneepads – Give them the gift of comfort!

This makes a great gift for the new or experienced plumber. Plumbers are often working while kneeling, and that can really hurt, especially as people get older and have less padding on their knees. In general, they are a great way to prevent knee pain and injury. Even if the plumber already owns a pair, they will wear out over time, so having a back-up pair couldn’t hurt.

Plumber Gift for the Geek – Plunger Stand for their Phone!

These cute little plungers can be used for many creative purposes! Are you baking a cake or cupcakes for your plumber’s birthday? I think these cute mini plungers would make great cake toppers!

Funny Gift Idea: Plumber Only Parking Sign – “Violators will Spring a Leak”

Here’s a great gag gift idea for a plumber. Put this up on their driveway, in their garage, or wherever they park, and watch their surprise when they see this! It’s also a fun sign to see in the office parking lot. It’ll sure make for a memorable gift.

Hot & Cold Faucet Cufflinks for the Plumber – Unique Gift Idea.  There are a few different styles to choose from.

Book about Restoring Old Bathrooms – A Plumber Might Find Something Useful Here… This might even make them some money! Everything old is new again.

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