Best School Nurse Gift Ideas

Gifts for Special School Nurses

School nurses have a very important job. They help provide comfort when kids don’t feel good, and they often connect with parents to let them know when something’s wrong. There are many ways to show a school nurse your appreciation, from a simple thank you card to a fancy gift idea. Here are some gifts that school nurses might enjoy. They range from the funny to the serious, and these make good gifts for national nurse appreciation day, as well as end of the school year gifts, retirement gifts, thank you gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas time gifts, etc.

Thank you Coffee Mug for a Nurse – Show your appreciation with this gift idea!  This cute mug is cute and it even includes a pun… It says, “Thank you for your kindness, caring, and of course, patients!” Who doesn’t enjoy a special coffee mug that they can use at home or in the office? I have a few coffee mugs that are dear to my heart, and I’ve given coffee mugs on several occasions. They’ve always been well received.

Nurse Themed Bracelet – Unique Jewelry Gift Idea.  This pretty bracelet features a heart with the word “Nurse” engraved and it also has the words kindness and comfort.

“Nurses are Angels” Bear – Boyd’s Bears – Nurse Teddy Bear Figurine.  Boyds Bears are so cute… I once had one I treasured so much but it got lost in a move 🙁 This one says “Nurses are Angels in Disguise.”

“Nurses Make a Difference” Plaque – Yes, they do!

For the Nurse who takes care of kids – Perfect for a Primary School or Elementary School Nurse.  This coffee mug says: “You look beyond the physical, knowing that health begins within, and with your directions healing begins.”

Sterling Silver Caduceus Pendant – Buy a Necklace to go with this!  This is elegant and is the perfect gift idea for a woman school nurse.

Funny Gift: School Nurse Parking Sign – “Violators will go back to class”  Put this up in their parking spot or on their driveway for a fun gag gift! This will sure make them laugh or smile!

Heartwarming Nurse’s Poem – Tell the Nurse How Special She/He Is!

Set of Pens for the School Nurse

This set of pens has great reviews! People have bought them as gifts for co-workers, for nurse friends, for Christmas, and other special occasions like Nurses Week. Every time you click the pen, a different saying appears. The sayings are as follows: Message 1: Your Heart & Hands Bring Healing Message 2: Gentle, Compassionate and Caring Ways Message 3: Helping Patients Through Their Hardest Days Message 4: For You, Dear Nurse, We Give Thanks – Always!

Nurse Prayer Heart Shaped Pendant – Beautiful Sterling Silver Necklace

Gag Gift Idea: Jumbo Thermometer! – What a silly or crazy gift!  This is designed to go with a nurse costume, but I think that if you want to be silly, you could give this to your nurse, and then maybe follow it up with a card… and if you want to give something nice, include a gift card 🙂

Yellow Gold Caduceus Earrings – Gift idea for her.

Caduceus is a medical symbol that would be perfect for anyone in the medical field.

Books for School Nurses – Gift ideas… Inspiring Stories and a Leather Nurse’s Bible

Heartwarming Short Stories

Have you read any Chicken Soup books? They have Chicken Soup for Moms, Teens, and all kinds of people… The stories are always inspiring and an appropriately themed one is a great gift idea for someone who enjoys reading. These stories are sure to warm their heart!

Christian Gift Idea: Deluxe Bible for Nurses

 This bible has a section that highlights passages that are pertinent to nurses. It sounds like a nicely crafted bible, with a soft leather cover, a ribbon, and decorated end sheets.