Best Taxi Driver Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who’d love a taxi themed gift? Here are a great selection of taxi stuff. Most of it has the yellow taxi cab theme. Gift ideas include funny gifts, t-shirts, jewelry, and more.

Whether you are buying a gift for a taxi driver, or for someone who loves taxis, I hope you’ll find something unique here! Many of these ideas would be ideal as thank-you gifts, Christmas gifts, retirement gifts, etc. A few of them are specific to NY cab drivers, but the rest would be appropriate for a taxi driver in any city!

Funny Hoodie.   This hoodie would be great for any driver or anyone who enjoys a speedy ride! It comes in bright pink too, and many sizes, making it a gift for both women and men.

Flashlight Keychain.  Super bright LED flashlight on this taxi shaped keychain.

Man Hailing a Taxi Cab Wine Holder – Unique Wine Caddy for Taxi Enthusiasts.  This would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys wine! I’d recommend giving this gift with a bottle of wine. The man’s head goes on top of the wine bottle! This is sure a decorative way to store a bottle of wine.

Pretty Yellow Taxi Charm for a Necklace – Great Gift Idea for Her.  This piece of jewelry is pretty, and I think it’d look great on a silver chain.

Taxi Driver Cufflinks – Silver Plated – For the Yellow Taxi Cab Enthusiast.  These cuff links are high quality and they’d be a nice gift idea for the right person.

Gift for the NY Taxi Cab Driver – Elegant 14K Gold Jewelry!  This is expensive, but that’s because gold is expensive these days! This is a gift that they will treasure. This pendant features a taxi against the NYC skyline and it would look great on a gold chain necklace.

Heated Seat Cushion for their Car.  This is a gift that can add a bit of luxury and warmth to their long work days.

Santa in New York Taxi Cab Christmas Ornament – Unique Christmas Gift Idea for the Taxi Driver.  This ornament will really shine on the Christmas tree!

Cute New York Taxi Cab Alarm Clock – Great Home Decor Idea!

Lots of people love the look of a yellow taxi cab, or have a great memory of a ride in a taxi, or perhaps even a friend or family member who drives a taxi…. There are lots of reasons you might want a taxi themed gift, and of course one gift idea won’t be the perfect one for every taxi lover or taxi driver, but I hope you got some good ideas from this page. Let me know what your thoughts are. I’d love to know what I’ve missed.

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