Best Tech Gifts under $100 – Christmas Shopping Guide

When I was a kid, my parents told me that they could spend a $100 on Christmas gifts. I’m sure they went over (especially if you count stocking stuffers). But that brings me to the theme of this gift guide – what can you find under $100? Here are my favorite gift ideas for kids, teens and adults who like technology. If you are shopping for the nerdy type (or just the modern day type), here are some ideas for HOT gifts on a budget. I will be updating this as Christmas 2015 approaches so you will be able to use this guide as your resource to newly released and cool tech stuff!

Watch movies in bed, on the plane, etc – Great Idea for Movie Fans & Travelers

A great way to go through a long plane trip is to watch movies that you actually want to watch. A portable DVD player is a great way to do this. This one gets pretty good reviews. Great gift idea for kids or adults.

External Portable Hard Drive – Ideal for Extra Storage, Backing up Data, Transferring Files

– USB Powered. Use it anywhere. Connect it to your laptop or desktop.

– Sleek Portable Design.

– Password protection and encryption ready.

Tech Gift for the Gamer – Upgrade for their Windows Gaming Computer

This is one cool computer accessory that someone who plays World of Warcraft or other MMO games will really love. It has 19 programmable buttons! Each button can be customized with macros, hotkeys, and more. It’s ergonomically designed so that it will fit any hand. Check out the 1500+ reviews!

Turn your TV into a “Smart TV” with Roku – Use this small device to play Angry Birds, watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Movies, etc

Have you heard of Roku? It’s a small device that connects to your TV. It requires NO monthly fees. You just connect it to your internet connection either wirelessly or with a wire. Then you can play games and watch movies. This is ideal for subscribers to Amazon Prime or Netflix. It comes with a remote that senses movement. The full version of Angry Birds is included for free. The remote has an instant reply button too. Want to know more?

This is marketed as a toy, but if you read the reviews you will see that even adults are impressed by these binoculars for seeing in the dark! At night you can’t usually see animals, but with these, the eyes stand out, and you can see what’s really out there. Fun gadget for games or exploring… This definitely could be educational for kids and teens, as well as just something really exciting and unique to show off to their friends!

This camera gets outstanding reviews and is enjoyed by both kids and adults. It comes in several different colors. It’s very easy to use and has built-in flash and automatic exposure measurement. Take photos indoors or outside. Lots of fun!