Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys that Won’t Drive You Crazy!

Running away from that noisy toy……..

I’ve been shopping for my nephew’s 3 year old birthday gift this week.

I know I’ve found the wrong present when I push the button and quickly find myself running away from the noisy toy out of embarassment! I feel like I just alerted the whole store to how annoying sounding these toy trucks and other toddler boy toys can be.

If I can’t stand it for a minute, I sure can’t buy it for a gift!

I’m staying away from noisey toys…. – how about you?

I really think that the noises that dump trucks and many other toys for toddlers make are just too much. If I think it’s too loud in the store, what about at home? Here’s a page dedicated to quiet toys. I’d rather hear my nephew talk any day!

Firefly Book with Fireflies that actually blink! – A Book that is More than Just a Book!
I love Eric Carle’s books (he’s the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and this might be his best yet. When you get to the last page, the fireflys flash! As one reviewer states, “There just couldn’t be any child anywhere that wouldn’t be thrilled with this book.”

I always loved looking for fireflies as a kid, so maybe that’s why this book has a special place in my heart. I actually own this one.

Mr. Potato Head – Based on the Toy Story Movie

I remember playing with a potato head when I was in pre-school. I can’t remember if it was a Mr. or a Mrs. or some other weird one, but I must have enjoyed it, because it is one of the few toys I remember playing with in preschool. I remember finding all of the pieces in a bin and fixing up Mr. Potato Head.

This toy is fun for a creative kid. One that likes putting things together and taking them apart. Sure to please the parents too, as long as you don’t buy the talking version!!

Lincoln Log Type Blocks – Build houses and more!

Another fond memory from my childhood… Building with Lincoln Logs is like building real cabins! Here’s a set that gets some pretty good reviews! It’s not the brand name, but it’s affordable and perfect for the little ones.

ABC Floor Puzzle… Perfect for 3 Year Olds!

This floor puzzle is 10 feet long when complete. It consists of 27 jumbo pieces. Great for learning the ABCs, or just enjoying the train and animals in it! The pieces are extra thick, and most customers find that their kids love this puzzle!

Sand Castle Fun…. The best toys for playing at the beach or in a sand box!

If you have warm enough weather for playing in a sand box or at the beach, then this is a perfect toy. It requires creativity! It is the kind of toy that will last many summers.

Advanced Play-Doh Fun!

You know a toy is good when even grown-ups enjoy it! Having a real factory sure beats making play-dough snakes by hand! This is the coolest set out there.