Big Computer Mouse for Large Hands – Which one’s big enough?

A Big Mouse for a Big Man

Recently my husband’s computer mouse stopped working. So we went on a crazy search for a replacement. It took awhile to find one that would work for him, because he has large hands. Most mice these days seem to be on the small side. Fortunately, I found a couple computer mice that are larger than most. These include both wired and wireless mice, and mice for both right-handed and left-handed computer users.

Here’s what I found. ¬†Maybe it will help you with your search!


Large Sized Kensington Wireless Mouse – with dedicated forward and back buttons!

This is a low-cost mouse that’s oversized compared to most computer mice. It’s ideal for people with large hands. It has positive reviews by big and tall men who wear XXL gloves.

  • Full-size, right-handed design for lasting comfort
  • Office-friendly 2.4GHz wireless technology for less interference
  • Dedicated forward and back buttons
  • Designed to withstand drops and spills
  • Plug and play operation

How big is this full-size mouse?

5.0″L X 2.0″H X 3.25″W

Tip: Compare these measurements with a mouse you already have.

Wired Version of this Mouse….

I still use a USB wired mouse…. I know that they are becoming unpopular, but there’s no batteries to charge and it always works. Plus it’s a few dollars cheaper than the wireless one.
I’ve found that when the reviews complain that it’s too big, then you know you’ve found one that just might fit!


Logitech also has a large computer mouse:

Logitech Performance MX Mouse – A Large Sized Logitech Wireless Mouse, for PC and Mac
With over 4,000 reviews, this has a solid 4 star rating! If you’re looking for a big mouse that’s likely going to last, I would strongly consider this one. ¬†Although I haven’t been able to find the dimensions, user reviews describe this mouse as bigger than the Logitech MX Revolution and the Logitech M510. There are reviews from people with large hands who say that this mouse fits well. It’s described as ergonomic – and by one user, as huge. So, if you’re looking for something that will comfortable fit in your big hands, this may be it.


And here’s a big Gaming Mouse…

Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse – This is a Big Gaming Mouse with Large Buttons – and it’s wired!

Customers have described this gaming mouse as a great mouse for large hands. It must be high quality, because it has hundreds of reviews and a star rating that’s 4.5. It’s a wired mouse – which means no connection issues.


Here’s the Left Handed Version of this Gaming Mouse…..