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Buy a Soldering Mat – High Temperature Silicone Mats for Hobbyists

Don’t burn a hole in your table! (or worse, your skin)

My husband has been teaching me how to solder, and one of the most useful tools we’ve discovered is a high temperature silicone mat. We put the mat on our kitchen table, and it protects the table from the hot solder and soldering iron. Also, the non-slip surface of the silicone mat stops the soldering iron from sliding around and potentially burning us or something else.

An added bonus is that the solder doesn’t stick to the mat, so it’s easy to clean up as well.

In between soldering, we roll up the silicone mat and stick it in the drawer with our other soldering tools, like flux, hemostats, and the soldering iron.


This is just like the one we use – These mats are more commonly used for baking, although they are ideal for soldering and hot glue gun use too!

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees!


You also might need a soldering station – I’ve read good things about the Weller brand!

The most dangerous thing about soldering is dropping the soldering iron and having it land on your skin. Ouch!

If you are sometimes a bit distracted like me, take precautions by having the necessary equipment. This one has a good stand!


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