Cardboard Box Tool for Cutting Down Boxes – Do it the easy way!

342401_78520f4423_mThe Carton Sizer / Reducer Makes Resizing Cardboard Boxes Easy!

If you do much shipping, you’ve probably encountered the problem of having a box that needs to be cut down.

To solve this problem, I’ve been cutting down corrugated cardboard boxes by hand. I’d use a long ruler, measure each side carefully, draw lines, and then perforate the sides by using a pizza cutter. It works but takes a long time and lots of maneuvering.

Recently, I discovered the cardboard box resizer tool, which makes the job of making custom sized boxes a breeze!

Photo Credit: Thank you to Tew on Flickr for this funny cardboard box picture.

Buy the Box Cut Down Tool Today – Save yourself time and money – and make a professional looking custom shipping box!

This tool allows you to set the desired depth and then you just run it along each side to have it automatically perforate each box side.

I first saw this tool being used at a Fedex Kinkos. I watched with amazement as the employee cut down a large box in a couple of minutes. They achieved a task in a fraction of the time it was taking me.

I figure if I use this tool about 5 times, I’ve paid for it. My time is worth money and this is going to save me a ton of time.

I sell electronics and other things on Ebay and Amazon, and often have to make a custom shipping box. This tool allows you to easily perforate the cardboard in a straight line on all sides, which allows you to easily change a large box into one that’s the perfect size!

Reasons Why This Tool is Worth Buying – It’s a business expense very easy to justify!

  1. It often costs less to ship a smaller box than a large box, because many carriers use dimensional pricing.
  2. It always costs less to mail a lighter box, and unnecessary cardboard and filler materials increase weight!
  3. It will make your custom boxes look more professional. No more uneven sides and awkward looking boxes!
  4. You will save time! You can measure each side with a ruler and do it all without this tool, but it takes way more time! If you’ve ever cut down a box by hand, you don’t need to be convinced about this!
  5. Filler packaging material like packing peanuts and bubblewrap cost money. Save money!
  6. Make your box more secure. Less room for your item to move around means less likelihood of damage.

More Mailing Products that I Recommend!

Use a Power Tool for Box Cutting – Tired of using a box cutter? Get some power!

I haven’t used this myself (I use an electric kitchen knife for cutting boxes.. you know, the kind for carving turkey!), but it looks cool enough that I’m thinking about giving it a try. I haven’t been able to justify the expense yet….. but maybe for Christmas! I can see myself using it for a myriad of projects 🙂

Professional Tape Dispenser is a Must-Have – Save yourself time and headaches!

I use a cheap tape dispenser and it’s given me so many headaches. The tape roll doesn’t stay on right, it doesn’t cut easily, etc.

This one looks to be of much better quality, and it has many positive reviews.

“Invoice Enclosed” Envelopes for Outside of Box – A must-have for international shipping, and an occasional time-saver!

I use envelopes like these on the outside of my boxes on two occasions:

1) Every once in awhile, I forget to put the invoice or packing slip inside the box. Instead of cutting the box open, I just stick this envelope on the outside with the invoice in it. Voila!

2) Many countries require the invoice to be on the outside of the box, in duplicate. This is especially true for European countries and when shipping by priority or express. If you don’t have the invoice on the outside, your package may be delayed by customs for days or weeks. I learned this the hard way! Do not count on the postal employees to know the international shipping rules. Instead, look up the information yourself. Look up mailing restrictions, prohibitions, and guidelines here.