Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis Aids, Gadgets, & Adaptive Devices

Change the tools you use. It you have painful, weak, or numb hands due to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, then you might find some assistance from these adaptive devices. I have a couple of family members who have carpal tunnel, so I’m always interested in tools and gadgets that will help them with daily tasks.

Putting less pressure on your hands may lesson the pain. It’s hard not to use your hands, but here are some things that require less strength and movement from your hands. I really, truly, hope that you find something that helps.

Key Turner – Open your door easily – Great for anyone with problems gripping.

This will accommodate any key that has a hole of 3/16 in diameter or larger. It does not fit all car keys. It holds up to 3 keys at a time. It’s easy to grip and turn. Additionally, its larger size makes the keys easier to find in your bag.

Stop Using your Wrist to Mouse Around – The trackball requires thumb operation only! ¬†With this ergonomic computer mouse, your fingers stay stationary, and you don’t have to move your wrist at all. Simply move your thumb to navigate the computer screen.

Adjustable Utensils with Large Easy Grip Handles – Makes Eating & Cutting Food Easier

This set of utensils is uniquely designed for people with hand difficulties. The spoon and fork have an adjustable metal shaft that allows the angle to be adjusted. The rounded knife is designed to be used in a rocking motion for easy cutting.

Open Jars with a Gentle Twist – Using One Hand or Two Hands

This opens everything from bottles with small caps to large jars. It’s easy to install, stays out of the way under a kitchen cabinet, and is ready to use anytime! Most other jar openers require one hand to hold the jar and the other hand to open it. This one only requires you to hold the jar, with one or both hands, and twist. Reviewers say that this works well even if you have arthritic hands. The product description says that it’s ideal for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia… While reviewers say that it works well for women, children, the elderly, and just about everyone!

Scissors that are easy to operate – Built-in Spring Requires Less Hand Movement

These scissors have positive reviews from people who have arthritis in their hands and carpal tunnel syndrome. The spring causes them to open after every snip, so they require less effort to use. They are all purpose scissors that will cut paper, cardboard, upholstery, leather, vinyl and more. Great for sewers and every day use.

Strong Toe Nail Clippers – Excellent Leverage so that You Don’t Have to Push Hard

These toe nail clippers have an ergonomic design which makes them useful for people with weak or arthritic hands. They are strong and are designed to cut thick toenails. They may work with fingernails as well. There are other specially designed nail cutters on Amazon, but these have the most positive reviews.

Chunky Stylus for Using with a Tablet

Get the precision you need without compromising. Most styluses are skinny which may be difficult to hold if you have weak or numb hands. Here’s one that should work with you. Compatible with the iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, and many others.

Pen and Pencil Grips for Easier Writing – These Fit Most Pens

If you do much handwriting, these are made for you. They reduce the grip required to hold a pen or pencil and still write legibly. These are helpful for anyone who has hand injury or pain, such as from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. These also work well for people who have hand weakness from a stroke. Unlike the trinagular shaped grips, these will fit most pens.

Easy to Grip Kitchen Tools – Utensils, Storage Containers, Measuring Glasses, and More OXO makes a complete line of kitchen accessories called OXO Good Grips. Oxo has adapted common kitchen tools, making them easy to grip and use.


Reacher with Comfortable Handle – Makes Life Easier ~ “Best Grabber Ever”

Amazon has a huge selection of these reachers, or grabbers, in their mobility aids section. However, this one has the best positive reviews out of all of them. It only costs a little bit more than the cheaper ones, but the quality is apparently quite good.

Wrist Braces for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Some People Find True Pain Relief from These

Your doctor may have recommended a wrist support to wear during the day or while sleeping. There are many wrist supports to choose from. However, this one combines the support with heat therapy. These wrist braces do two things: 1) They have metal splints that prevent wrist movement which can aggravate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 2) The Trioxon lining captures the body’s natural heat and reflects it back to the body. This means that your wrists temperature rises without the need for a heating pad.

I think the manufacturer does the best job explaining how it works. Here’s what they say: “How Thermoskin works: The application of prolonged heat therapy to the effected area is a simple and quick form of treatment. Heat therapy promotes healing by opening up the small blood vessels, increasing blood flow and facilitating the removal of inflammation. Heat therapy assists your body’s natural healing process. The combination of this heat therapy along with the support and light compression provided by Thermoskin Thermal Supports help prevent, treat and rehabilitate soft tissue injuries.”

Fun Gadget for Butter Lovers – People with Arthritis Find this Easy to Use

Easy to Grip Lamp Switcher – A Bigger Knob for Turning the Lights On and Off

Aids for Bathing and Dressing – Adaptive Devices for When You Can’t Reach, or Can’t Grip Sometimes it’s in the bathroom when we find out our body’s limitations… But fortunately there’s a lot of adaptive equipment that can be a big help.

Has 2 handles and a soft side for washing your back.

Button your shirt up easily.

Zip up your pants, coat, etc.

Get a stand so you don’t have to hold your tablet or ereader – This one is ideal for using your tablet in bed or on the couch!

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