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Gifts for Potheads, Stoners, and Medical Marijuana Smokers

So, are you looking for a cool gift idea for a weed smoker?   Of course, you could just go to your local headshop and buy them a nice piece of glass, but perhaps it’s not legal where you live, and you want to stay out of trouble.   Or, maybe they already own a […]

Best Gifts for Walkers – My Favorite Ideas!

I love to walk! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for walkers of all types. Fast walkers, slow walkers, for the young and old! I’ve tried to feature only the best gift ideas on this page. I love giving unique and memorable gifts, and I hope you are able to find a nice […]

Bibliophile Gifts ~ My Personal Recommendations!

Looking for the perfect gift for the Bibliophile in your life? I love to brainstorm gift ideas and recommend unique presents that will make the gift receiver smile big or laugh. I enjoy giving a thoughtful gift. A bibliophile is a book lover, also sometimes called a bookworm! Do you have someone in your life […]

Best Gifts for Bicycle Riders | Cyclists – My Favorite Ideas

Looking for a bike themed gift? You’ve come to the right place! Here are my favorite serious and funny gifts! Ideas include bicycle accessories, bike themed jewelry, funny t-shirts for cyclists, tools for bike riders, and more! Check out my hand picked suggestions. These make great gifts for bike riders, bicycle enthusiasts, cyclists, and those […]

Best Ice Fishing Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Here’s a list of my favorite gift ideas for ice fishers. If you know a fisherman who loves ice fishing, then I’m sure you’ll find at least one great gift idea here! I’ve included everything from high tech gadgets, ice fishing equipment, ice fishing themed clothes, and more. Merry Christmas! Lightweight & Fast Cooking Stove […]

Best Gifts for Coin Collectors – My Favorite Ideas

Best Gifts for a Numismatist, or a person who collects coins I’m interested in coin collecting, so I thought I’d write an article about some great gift ideas for coin collectors. Ideas include coin collecting supplies, proof coin sets, collectible coins, numismatic themed jewelry, and more. Here’s a collection of my best ideas. These are […]

Best Gifts for Kayakers – My Favorite Ideas!

Although by no means an expert, I enjoy kayaking, and so do some family members. I thought a kayak themed gift would be perfect, so I went on a search for the perfect gift idea… Here’s what I found. My ideas include jewelry, funny gifts, clothing, kayaking accessories, educational DVDs, and more. Whether the person […]

Best Gift Ideas for Geologists & Rockhounds

What to buy a geologist?  It’s an intriguing question. You probably want something unique, useful, funny, and memorable… And not something they already own, right? Well, here are my favorite gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, or any other occasion. These gifts would be ideal for geologists, geophysicists, rockhounds, geology teachers, earth science teachers and for […]

Best Gift Ideas for Geocachers

Funny & Practical Gifts for Geocachers Are you buying a gift for someone who loves to go Geocaching? If so, you’re at the right place. I’ve been researching the best gifts for geocachers lately, and here are my favorite ideas. Some of these I might use for birthdays or buying ahead for Christmas time. I […]

Gifts for Gun Lovers, Gun Enthusiasts, & Gun Collectors

What to buy a gun owner? Well, ammo comes to mind… and maybe accessories for their rifles and pistols. But, I’m going to take a different angle here. Maybe you know a gun enthusiast, but don’t know him well enough to know what parts he needs, or what he has already.. But you still want […]