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Best Gifts for Drummers – My Favorite Ideas!

Here are the best rockin’ gift ideas for drummers. I’ve created a list of thoughtful (and sometimes funny) gift ideas for professional drummers, people who play drum in band, kids and adults who love to play the drum, and for drum instructors as well. My ideas range from t-shirts to unique percussion instruments… I hope […]

Best Gifts for Bassoon Players – Bassoonists – My Favorite Ideas!

What to buy the Basoon player? Here are my favorite gift ideas for people who love to play the Bassoon. Ideas include funny gifts, t-shirts and clothing, jewelry, bassoon accessories, gifts with musical notes, bassoon music, and more! I hope you find a great gift idea on this page. I really like giving gifts that […]

Best Gifts for Clarinet Players – My Ideas

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Clarinet players. Some are funny, some are very practical, and many are unique! ¬†Whether you are buying for a beginner or a pro, a kid or an adult, I’m sure you’ll get a good idea from looking at these. I love buying gifts that are appreciated, which is […]

Best Gifts for Organists (Organ Players)

Here are my favorite gifts for organists. I’ve tried to pick out gifts for people who are Church Organists, as well as those who play pipe organs, the hammond B-3 organ, or any other kind of organ. I love music and my Grandma had a chord organ, and I enjoy listening to music made with […]

Best Gifts for Trombone Players – My Ideas

Here’s a list of my recommendations for trombone themed gifts. I love buying unique gifts, as I’m sure you do too. Whether you are buying for a beginner Trombone player or a pro, you’ll find something here I’m sure. From Trombone jewelry, trombone shirts, trombone accessories, to trombone music, I’ve got a little of it […]

Best Gifts for Bluegrass Lovers

Gift Ideas for Bluegrass Fans and Bluegrass Musicians Here are my gift ideas for bluegrass lovers and musicians. If you are buying a gift for someone who loves bluegrass, I’m sure you’ll find a good idea on this page. Bluegrass shirts, DVDs, CDs, sculptures, jewelry, and ties are just a few of my ideas. Both […]

Gifts for Dubstep Lovers – My Favorite Ideas!

Know someone who loves dubstep? Here are some gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. Get them an unique coffee mug, cool t-shirt, something to hang on their wall, or maybe some new music to dance to. Gas Mask Statue – Retro Design – not just for steampunk anymore! Dreadful Necklace for Dubstep Fans […]

Gift Ideas for Headphone Lovers

Do you know someone who loves listening to music on headphones? Do they love trying new kinds of headphones and maybe even modifying them? Maybe they even have a headphone addiction… or a headphone obsession? If so, here are some good gift ideas for them! My husband and I both love headphones, and here’s a […]

Harpist Gifts – Best Gift Ideas for Harp Players!

I like to do my Christmas shopping online, and today I’m on the search for gifts for harpists and those learning to play the harp. Here are my favorite presents.. There sure are some unique and funny ones! They’d make great gift ideas for any occasion. While a few are geared toward the beginner harpist, […]

Great Gift Ideas for Music Teachers

Teachers have an important job, and an excellent teacher easily earns a place in our heart. Show your appreciation for a special music teacher with a unique gift. Here are my favorite gift ideas for piano instructors, orchestra teachers, band leaders, choral instructors, and musicians and music lovers of all kinds. Many of these ideas […]