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Gifts for Psychologists

Have a psychologist friend on your shopping list this season? ¬†Here are some goofy and some serious gift ideas for psychologists, psychology students and grads, and anyone else who just loves things having to do with the brain! Gifts for Sigmund Freud Fans Like this famous therapist¬†who’s known for the ego, id, and superego concepts? […]

Best Plumber Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Plumber Gift Ideas Are you looking for the best plumbing related gift idea? Here are my favorite gift ideas for plumbers. These make great gifts for many holidays and occasions, including Christmas, birthday, etc. You may also be thinking of a thank you gift, for that plumber who really saved the day. Some of these […]

Aircraft Mechanic Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for an aircraft mechanic or plane technician? Here are some of my favorite ideas for plane mechanics. These include shirts, coffee mugs and merchandise with funny sayings, jewelry, tools, and other stuff for him or her. I’ve also included some general airplane themed gift ideas. I hope […]

Beauty School Graduation Gifts | Cosmetology School Gifts

Cosmetology School Graduation Gift Ideas Know someone graduating from beauty school? Wonder what you should buy them for a graduation gift idea? On this page, you will find some good gift ideas for people who are graduating from beauty school (also known as cosmetology school). These gifts are a great way to give congratulations for […]

Best Gifts for Waitresses, Waiters, & Waitstaff

Are you looking for a gift for a special waitress or waiter? Here are gifts for all occasions, including: Christmas, Birthday, Congratulations, Thank you, etc. These gifts range from the practical to the funny. Whether you are buying for a relative, friend, or acquaintance, I think you’ll find something unique here. A Great Way to […]

Best Gifts for Beekeepers (Apiarists) – My Favorite Ideas!

On this page, you will find my favorite gift ideas for beekeepers (a.k.a. apiarists). These gifts include practical supplies and tools, books and magazines, clothes and jewelry, and even a few funny things. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or other holiday, I think you’ll enjoy these ideas. And if my taste doesn’t feel right, […]

Architect Gift Ideas – My Favorites!

Here’s a selection of the most interesting gifts I found for Architects. These would be ideal for any Architect involved in designing and planning building construction. These gifts would also be great for college graduates who are planning on becoming an Architect. These ideas include a tote bag, coffee mug, cufflinks, an Architect gadget, a […]

Best School Nurse Gift Ideas

Gifts for Special School Nurses School nurses have a very important job. They help provide comfort when kids don’t feel good, and they often connect with parents to let them know when something’s wrong. There are many ways to show a school nurse your appreciation, from a simple thank you card to a fancy gift […]

Best Gifts for Paramedics & EMTs – My Favorite Ideas!

I’ve started looking for gift ideas for paramedics and EMTs because I have a relative who will soon be finishing her training and I want to buy an interesting graduation present. I like giving gifts that are memorable…. I’ve found that a memorable gift is usually either funny or very useful. So, I’ve tried to […]

Best Gift Ideas for Journalists

Here are some funny and practical gifts for the journalist, newspaper writer, or TV news reporter. These would make great gifts for any occasion – thank you gift, congratulations gift, birthday, Christmas, etc. Of course, there are all kinds of journalists, so these may not be perfect for everyone. Some of these ideas are writer […]