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Chemistry Gift Ideas – Gifts for Chemistry Teachers and Chemists

I love chemistry! I took organic chemistry in college as part of my neuroscience degree. I had some good chemistry teachers in high school and college… This got me to thinking about chemistry gifts as Christmas time approached. I like to give memorable gifts and sure enough, I found some fun chemistry stuff online… here […]

Best Gifts for Math Geeks and Math Teachers

This page has my favorite gift ideas for math geeks, math teachers, and general math lovers. Everything from ties and shirts with “pi” on them to old collectible calculators and slide rules. Here are some truly funny and serious gifts for math geeks! Impress them with a special math themed gift. They will treasure it, […]

Gifts for Spanish Teachers – My Favorite Ideas!

Whether you are looking for a graduation gift idea, end-of-the-year present, birthday gift, Christmas gift, or the ideal gift for some other occasion, this page will hopefully give you some good ideas. These Spanish themed gifts range from things that can be used in the classroom, like DVDs, CDs, teaching supplies, to shirts and jewelry. […]

Great Gift Ideas for Music Teachers

Teachers have an important job, and an excellent teacher easily earns a place in our heart. Show your appreciation for a special music teacher with a unique gift. Here are my favorite gift ideas for piano instructors, orchestra teachers, band leaders, choral instructors, and musicians and music lovers of all kinds. Many of these ideas […]

Gifts for New Teachers – My Favorite Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new teacher? These gift ideas are for new teachers. They may be given to celebrate those graduating from college with their teaching degree, such as a Masters in Education. They are also appropriate gifts for people who have just been hired and are starting their first […]

Gifts for Biologists & Biology Teachers – My Favorite Ideas!

Are you looking for a great gift idea for a Biologist, Biology Teacher, or a Biology Student?  I’ve searched the web for interesting and funny gift ideas that are related to biology, including the fields of marine biology, human biology, organic chemistry, botany, microbiology, zoology, and more. Caffeine Chemical Formula Coffee Mug – Great Gift […]

Gifts for French Teachers – My Favorite Ideas!

French Teacher Gift Ideas Are you looking for a unique gift idea for a French teacher? Foreign language teachers might like gifts having to do with their country’s culture or cuisine. I know that my teacher always wore shirts from her country, talked about places she’s been, and decorated her classroom with all things French. […]

Gifts for History Teachers and History Buffs

So what is the best gift idea for a history lover? Ideally you want to buy them something that they will truly appreciate, but not something that they already own, or something too cliche or cheap looking. On this page, I’ve tried to find gift ideas that would appeal to a wide range of history […]

Gifts for English Teachers and English Majors

Here are my favorite gift ideas for people who study or teach English class. I’ve done my best to find unique gift ideas that you can buy online from reputable websites like Amazon and Cafepress. These would make great gifts for end of the school year, graduation, Christmas, holiday, birthday, etc. Some of these are […]