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Apple II Reference Manual January 1978 (Red Book)

The first edition of the Apple II Reference Manual, published in January 1978, is hard to find! ┬áHere are some pictures so you know what to look for. When you can find this manual for sale, the price can range anywhere from $100 to $500. Click here to check current prices on Amazon. Like many […]

Big Computer Mouse for Large Hands – Which one’s big enough?

A Big Mouse for a Big Man Recently my husband’s computer mouse stopped working. So we went on a crazy search for a replacement. It took awhile to find one that would work for him, because he has large hands. Most mice these days seem to be on the small side. Fortunately, I found a […]

Best Tech Gifts under $100 – Christmas Shopping Guide

When I was a kid, my parents told me that they could spend a $100 on Christmas gifts. I’m sure they went over (especially if you count stocking stuffers). But that brings me to the theme of this gift guide – what can you find under $100? Here are my favorite gift ideas for kids, […]

Best Gifts for Apple Lovers – My Favorite Ideas for Apple Fans

Here are my favorite gift ideas for Apple Fans! If you know someone who loves Apple – whether they love their iPhone, iPad, or Mac more – I hope you’ll discover a good gift idea here! I’m doing my Christmas shopping early this year, and my goal is to find the most appropriate gifts… I […]

Best Gifts for iPhone Users

Is there an iPhone owner on your shopping list? If so, you’re at the right place. Here are my favorite gift ideas for iPhone users, owners, lovers, fans, and anyone else who wants something iPhone related for Christmas, their birthday, or any other holiday or occasion! Some of these are clearly iPhone accessories, while others […]

Top 10 Best Gifts for iPad Users – My Favorite Ideas

My Mom just bought an iPad, so as I plan out my Christmas shopping this year, I’m thinking that buying her an iPad accessory might be the perfect gift idea. If you know someone who has just bought an iPad and fallen totally in love with it, then an iPad related gift idea might be […]