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Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys that Won’t Drive You Crazy!

Running away from that noisy toy…….. I’ve been shopping for my nephew’s 3 year old birthday gift this week. I know I’ve found the wrong present when I push the button and quickly find myself running away from the noisy toy out of embarassment! I feel like I just alerted the whole store to how […]

Spy Toys for Kids – Gadgets & Christmas Gift Ideas

I was a Real Child Spy….. Just ask my parents! I read Harriet the Spy. That got me wishing that I had lots of neighbors to spy on, but I only had a few distant ones. Nonetheless, I was determined to be a real spy, so I trekked through the woods and tried to find […]

Toy Dogs that Walk – and more!

Toy Dogs that Walk, Bark, & More! A toy dog is a great gift idea! They are so cute and adorable. Many little kids, from toddler age to elementary age, love having a toy dog to play with! Here are several exciting ones to choose from! This toy dog has a remote control leash so […]

Large Toy Horses: Big Stuffed Animals!

Big, Bigger, and GIANT Horse Toys! You know what I saw at the store today? A really big stuffed animal. Doesn’t every kid want a stuffed animal that takes up almost their entire bed? I know I sure did! This page is devoted to showing you the biggest horse plushes that you can buy. They […]