Chemistry Gift Ideas – Gifts for Chemistry Teachers and Chemists

I love chemistry! I took organic chemistry in college as part of my neuroscience degree. I had some good chemistry teachers in high school and college… This got me to thinking about chemistry gifts as Christmas time approached. I like to give memorable gifts and sure enough, I found some fun chemistry stuff online… here it is!

So here I’ve put together a collection of great gift ideas for chemistry teachers, chemists, chemistry geeks, etc. Here are funny and unique gifts. Gifts include: T-shirts, clock, calendar, jewelry, salt and pepper shaker, coffee mug, etc. Happy shopping!

Caffeine Chemical Formula Coffee Mug – Great Gift Idea for the Coffee Lover!  Coffee mugs are a simple but usually appreciated gift, and I think this is a pretty cool mug! A coffee mug always makes a great gift because it allows for some creativity… You could include candy, money, gift card(s), or special blends of coffee in it!

Caffeine Molecule Beaker Mug.  Here’s an alternative to a traditional coffee mug. I think I like this one better for the science teacher, but they’re both cool, so it’s hard to decide.

This tie features the periodic table of the elements. It is a great gift idea for a man, especially a professor or someone who has to dress-up for work! It’s high quality and has 5-star reviews.

Funny T-Shirt for Him or Her  – This shirt features the following Chemistry joke: “Never trust an atom. They make up everything.” This is available in sizes Small to 3XL.

Clever Beer Glass

Beer is spelled out by the elements’ symbols This is a fun gift idea for the beer loving chemistry nerd or chemistry student. Can you imagine serving beer in this glass during a party? If you can, why not buy a half dozen and have a blast?

Super Cool Periodic Table Chemistry Themed Gift – The Radioactive Elements glow in the dark!!   Click the picture to see the price on Amazon’s website. This would be really fun to wear to a party! This is a great idea for any chemistry fan. It’s a great gift for a teenager, or an adult.

Dangling Molecules Earrings – Perfect Gift Idea for the Woman Chemist.  These earrings are a visual representation of the Serotonin molecule. I think a biochemist or an organic chemist might really like these. As you may know, Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that is associated with happiness. Antidepressants like SSRIs act on serotonin receptors in the brain. These will make for an interesting conversation starter.

Retro Chemist Sign – Decor Idea for the Classroom or Lab This old fashioned sign will really add some style to a lab or any other room… even a bedroom! It’s hard to find chemistry themed bedroom items, so a vintage looking sign like this can really help transform the feel of a room.

Periodic Elements Wall Clock – Each number is represented by the correct Element symbol!  Carbon’s atomic number is 6, so there is Carbon’s symbol, C, at the 6 O’clock position. That’s how this clock is set up! Great educational gift or geeky gift for the Chemistry teacher or chemist! I know a clock like this would have really helped me memorize some of the atomic numbers! So it would make a good teaching aid.

Classy Biohazard Tie Clip – Sterling Silver Tie Clip.  Handmade Tie Clip features the Biohazard symbol! Although probably lots of types of chemists would love wearing this tie clip, it is an especially appropriate gift for the nuclear chemist! Or for the high school science teacher who wants something that will stand out.

Einstein Bobblehead Toy – Great Unexpected Gift Idea!  Bobbleheads are fun to play with… don’t you think?

Funny Gift: Novelty Parking Sign “Violators will explode under pressure!” This would make a great surprise gift for a chemist! Put this up in their parking spot at school or work, on in their driveway or garage….. Just watch their mouth hang open or hear their laughter when they see this one! It’s certainly not a gift that you can pick up at your local hardware store 🙂 Pretty unique and memorable gift idea, I think!

Interesting Books are Great Gift Ideas – Chemists might enjoy these stories Conversations with famous scientists: Linus Pauling, Erwin Chargaff, Frank H. Westheimer, Gertrude B. Elion, Carl Djerassi, Paul J. Scheuer, Ayhan Ulubelen, John W. Cornforth, Vladimir Prelog, John A. Pople, and others.

Thank you for visiting! Whether you are a chemistry nerd or just a friend of a chemist, I hope this page was fun to browse! I plan to write more gift guides in the future. Below you will find a few that I’ve already completed. I’m really into science, so I enjoy writing about products for scientists and nerds.