Does coffee make you shaky?

If you love the taste of coffee…. but don’t like the feeling, L-Theanine might be the surprising solution.

Back in high school, I would enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, every morning, with my english muffin egg sandwich, before getting on the school bus. But in college, something changed in my biochemistry, and during most of the past 15 years, I avoided coffee because it made me shaky and anxious. Then I accidentally discovered L-Theanine.

Now, I’m a coffee lover again. As long as I take an L-Theanine pill with my coffee, I can enjoy the energy and calm focus from the coffee, as well as its absolutely delicious taste and aroma, without having any ill side effects.

So, what is L-Theanine?

It’s a naturally occurring ingredient found in Green Tea. It minimizes the physical reactions from caffeine – the increased heart rate and shakiness – and combines with caffeine to increase concentration while remaining calm. Some people take L-Theanine without coffee as an anti-anxiety remedy too.

I’ve found this Jarrow Formulas Theanine (200mg) to be the perfect dosage for one large cup of coffee. Some people take a lower dose.. The correct caffeine/theanine ratio differs individually. You may have to experiment to find the correct dosage for you. I usually make a light roast of Starbucks coffee at home (my favorite is the Blonde Willow brand), but on a recent trip I found that McDonald’s coffee also tasted great and must have a similar caffeine content because it combined with the L-Theanine perfectly.

When buying a theanine supplement, I’ve read it’s best to buy one that says “Suntheanine” on it because that means it uses a patented process that ensures you get the biologically active L-Theanine enantiomer.

Also, the price is pretty good on this brand, and you can save 5-15% by subscribing to this product on Amazon. That means free shipping to you as frequently as you’d like!

This Combination Also works for Soda Pop & Energy Drinks

This might also pair well with other caffeinated products like energy drinks and soda.

More Brands I Recommend

I am a bit of a supplement junkie (if such a thing exists)…. What I mean, is that I’ve experimented with lots of supplements and read lots of reviews. These are the other brands that I can confidently recommend.