First Time Flying Tips: My Advice

Photo of Cascade Mountains from Airplane
I took this picture in 2009 over the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. I frequently fly across the United States to visit my family.

First Time Flying Guide

Are you planning a trip? Have a flight booked? Wondering what to expect?

Here’s my advice, based on my experiences at the airport and in the airplane. It’s my hope that these tips make flying easier for you!

At the Airport: Drop-Off And/Or Parking

If someone else is dropping you off, then they will probably want to follow the signs for “Departures.” Usually there is a place for them pull-up and drop you off at the curb. Look for a sign with your Airline’s name on it. Or, know which terminal you’re flying out of and be sure to go to that terminal. This will get you to where you need to go the fastest.

If the person dropping you off at the airport wants to go in the airport with you, then they’ll want to look for a short term parking lot.

If you’re driving yourself to the airport, then you’ll need long term parking. You may want to research the parking online ahead of time. Try a google search for airport parking along with the airport name. There may be cheaper parking lots just outside of the airport and these lots usually provide a shuttle bus to the airport.