Gift Ideas for Accountants, CPA, and Accounting Graduates

Here are my favorite gift ideas for accountants and CPAs. These would make great graduating gifts, thank you gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.  Some are quite funny while others are more practical. They range from cheap to expensive. I tried to pick out only the best ideas. I love giving memorable and unique gifts, and I hope you find a great gift idea on this page!

Funny Sweatshirt for the CPA.  This says, “Certified Public Accountant is My Official Title Because SuperFabulousticAccrualAccountingDocious Intimidates the IRS” …. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful but pleasantly presented on this warm shirt…

Gold Plated Accountant Cufflinks – Featuring Ledger Paper

“You can always count on me” – Cute Figurine for the Accountant.  Not only is this a great play on words for an Accountant, it also features an Abacus, which is an early counting tool (before the slide rule!).

How about an Abacus keychain too? Abacus Keychain

Funny Parking Sign – Great Surprise Gift Idea – “Accountant Parking Only. Violators will be Audited.”  This novelty parking sign would look great in their garage or driveway, or even at the office. I think it’d make a great surprise gift. Install this at their parking spot and watch their reaction when they see it! Either they’ll laugh or their mouth will be hanging open!

CPA – Certified Public Accountant – Cufflinks – Great Jewelry Gift Idea.  These beautiful cufflinks are enamel & silver plated and come in jewelry box. They’re all ready for gift giving. They would make a great accent to any suit!

Necklace for a CPA or Accountant – This features Saint Matthew, Patron of Accountants.  This necklace would make a great Catholic jewelry gift for CPAs and Accountants.

Unique Coffee Mugs Great Gift Idea A coffee mug may be used in the office and one with a clever saying is likely to be a conversation starter as well. Furthermore, you can present the coffee mug with extra goodies in it, like money, a gift card, candy, coffee samples, tea bags, jewelry, etc.

Sexy Accountant Coffee Mug – Great Gift Idea for Her!  She’s holding a book that says “Accounting.” This is cute! Coffee mugs make great gifts for anyone who drinks coffee or tea. You can put something special inside, to make the gift extra special. A coffee mug is just the right size to hold jewelry, gift cards, candy, money, tea bags, etc. This would be a fun mug for any accountant to have on their desk!

Funny Coffee Mug – Don’t listen to the voices in your head… Listen to your Accountant … Wouldn’t this be a fun mug to have on your desk at work?

Useful Gift Idea – Professional Leather Briefcase – Samsonite is known for high quality!  Briefcases and laptop bags wear out over time. A replacement will likely be appreciated.

Personalized Business Card Holder – Perfect for their Desk!  This can be engraved with one or two lines, for free! This functions both as a name plaque and a business card holder.

Bamboo Desk Accessories Make Great Gifts! – This one organizes paperwork, pens, and holds memos.  Bamboo is a popular theme these days, and I can see why. It’s very attractive and matches just about anything.

Funny & Interesting T-Shirt for Accountants

The Best Office Chair – A gift they will be very thankful for! – Their backs will feel better with this chair!  A high quality office chair is a gift worth considering for any accountant, and especially a recently graduated one who may not be able to afford a good chair yet. Most accountants spend long hours sitting and a comfortable chair will make their day more comfortable. Herman Miller has been designing chairs for decades, and if I had to choose the best office chair, it would be this one. I should have bought a chair like this one. But instead I was cheap and bought a lower priced computer chair, but after a year or two, the chair became painful, and now I’ve gone through several chair cushions, and will probably end up replacing this chair I’m sitting in right now. This would make a great graduation gift, or a gift for any time of the year.